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Z Clear News

Z Clear products offer premium lens cleaners that carefully get the unwelcome materials off while preserving the state of your lens. Z Clear products work as a lens scratch filler as well. 
Back up cameras ensure that as you move your car backward, you have a clear line of sight, eliminating the possibility of hitting something unawares. With anti-fog spray, you make that line of sight even clearer.
Your eyes are not designed to ensure vision when underwater; that is why you wear swim goggles to see while underwater. With these goggles, you can see where you are heading, focus on your swim technique, and stay in your lane. Even when you wear swim goggles, you may find that fog creates a problem.
Z Clear is the next best premium line of lens cleaners you can use on various surfaces such as glasses lenses, phone screens, and even firearms. Z Clear's line of products come equipped with the best anti-fog spray, scratch filler, and anti-static capabilities.
As a glass wearer, whether medicated or for sun protection, there are many times when you have been tempted to blow air into your lenses and to use the hem of your shirt to wipe off the fog. While it may seem like the easiest thing to do when you can't access your Z Clear, it may have negative side effects.
When your lens is all scratched, visibility may be an issue, especially for hunters who rely on clear vision. Lack of clear vision is the last thing you need when out in the woods. Thankfully Z Clear glass scratch filler fills minor scratches on a lens to guarantee clear vision.
A lot has been said about keeping glasses clean, including using the right pieces of fabric, premium alcohol-free cleaners, and how often you need to replace the lenses. But what remains clear is that Z Clear is the best cleaner for your eyeglasses if you want them to stay in good condition. Read on to find out why

Should you choose microfiber towels or nano towels?

Understanding the difference between the two can help you know which one to use with Z Clear glasses cleaner. Resulting in clearer vision while extending the life of your glasses.

Instead of spending money to replace your glasses, you can use Z Clear paste, spray, or a combination of both to renew your lenses and other surfaces.
Did you know your phone carries 18x more bacteria than that of a public bathroom door handle? If you do not clean your phone, or don't know how, Z Clear can help!