So many people find it nearly impossible to find a premium lens cleaner to protect their expensive eyewear.

That is why we have created a lasting lens cleaner that will keep your glasses cleaner for longer.

No matter where you go, Z Clear helps you see clear.

Happy Customers

I first bought this product at a motorcycle show. Saw the guy teach me to use it, thought meh....it’s not $25 probably not gonna work when i get it home. Boy was I wrong! THIS PRODUCT IS NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!!!!! A little goes a long way. I apply just a little and then work a 12 shift at Amazon. And it keeps on working!
No more scratch!! The paste worked great. A little goes a long way! They have instructions on how to use it. It was easy to follow and I am so excited to share this with everyone!
I am very happy that I made this purchase. Z-Clear works so well that my only regret is that I didn't think to buy it sooner. The anti fog quality is absolutely phenomenal. I have 3 bottles of Z-Clear. 1 large bottle in my kitchen and my bedroom. The 3rd bottle I have is a small bottle that I carry on my person wherever I go. For cleaning or de-fogging, Z-Clear really is the greatest!!!!!!
Being an essential worker in the pandemic, I work in food processing and the company I work for feeds the nation. Z-clear has been a blessing for my glasses. I use the paste and clean them and then the spray. They do not fog up and I can see! The 1st time we used this was in 2015 when we bought some at the Sturgis motorcycle rally. It worked then and I dug it out of a drawer to use on my glasses a couple of weeks ago. Cudos!!!! I suggest it to everyone!