Disposable Lens Wipes - 15ct

Streak-Free Disposable Lens Wipes

Easy-to-use, USA-made lens cleaner safe for all lenses.

These small disposable lens wipes are designed to provide you with clear vision that lasts for 1-3 days. Each pack includes one wet and one dry wipe, conveniently sized to fit in your pocket to quickly and easily clean your glasses or goggles anywhere.

What to expect with Z Clear lens wipes:

  • Reduce sweat, fingerprints, oils, & smudges on glasses whenever needed.
  • Keep your glasses cleaner for longer.
  • Remove 99.7% of bacteria & germs with every application.
  • No spills or leaks when cleaning your lenses.
  • No alcohol, no ammonia, and no abrasives = No damage.

    Get lasting clear vision with Z Clear lens wipes!

    Lens Wipes | Cleaning Wipes for Glasses | Z Clear

    • There are 15 total cleaning wipes for glasses. Each pack is individually wrapped with one wet and one dry lens wipe.

      These lens wipes are a powerful cleaner to remove smudges on glasses while also reducing fog and oil buildup. They are great cleaning wipes for glasses because they keep your glasses cleaner for longer with a lens protection coating that lasts one to three days.