How It All Started

Inventor, David Ward, dreamed up a powerful lens cleaning solution in the little town of Malad, Idaho. In the beginning, he sold Z Clear solution outside of his local grocery store, kids in tow as he worked on raising a family and building a company.

Z Clear is now a family-owned company operating for over 45 years. David's grandson, Chris Ward, owns Z Clear and continues his legacy. Each small batch is lovingly made by hand in Ogden, Utah.

Meet Our Owner

CJ Ward is the current owner of Z Clear and the grandson of our founder, David Ward. He's driven by a strong determination to improve and expand Z Clear so it can reach everyone who can benefit from it. With a deep family connection to the business, CJ's focus is upholding the high standards set by his grandfather. His goal is simple yet powerful: to enhance Z Clear and make it accessible to as many people as possible. Under his leadership, our company continues to prioritize innovation and inclusivity, staying true to its core values.

Our Mission

At Z Clear, our mission is crystal clear: to provide a revolutionary lens cleaner and anti-fog solution that's not only effective but safe for a wide range of lenses and surfaces. We understand the frustration of smudged,, dirty and foggy eyewear. Our goal is to ensure that those who need it can access a premium solution that truly works without compromise. Our formula is free from toxic ingredients like alcohol and ammonia, as well as any abrasives, so you can trust it to care for your lenses and surfaces. We take immense pride in creating a product that's versatile and user-friendly – if water can touch it, Z Clear can clean it.

Our Promise

At Z Clear, we are dedicated to relentlessly pursuing customer satisfaction. Beyond transactions, we are committed to being your partner on this journey, continuously refining and innovating our offerings to exceed your expectations. Your success and satisfaction drive us forward, and we pledge to make your experience with Z Clear truly exceptional.