Lens Wipes for Glasses (50ct.)

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Streak Free Anti-Fog Lens Wipes for Glasses

    Z Clear wipes for glasses are the perfect solution for travel because they easily fit anywhere. The lightweight lens wipe cleans glasses without leaving streaks behind. Each application helps reduce buildup of fog, oils and smudges on glasses for the next 1-3 days.

    What to expect with Z Clear wipes for glasses:

    • Ready to use anti-fog wipes to fight moisture in any climate.
    • Easily reduce fingerprints, oils and smudges on glasses.
    • Keep glasses cleaner by preventing buildup of dust, dirt & debris.
    • Eliminate germs & bacteria on application.
    • No leaking or spilling lens solution to worry about.

    Not only can you use these anti-fog wipes for glasses, but also for an easy, safe way to clean all electronics, face shields and safety glasses. Ideally, these work best as anti-fog wipes for glasses without coatings. Please refer to our other lens cleaning solutions (liquid / wax) for a sure safe cleaner on coated lenses.

    There are a total of 50 glasses wipes per box. Every package has one wet and one dry wipe. The wet anti-fog wipes can cover up to 300 square feet or be used on multiple surfaces until dry. Use the dry wipe to remove remaining streaks from the Z Clear lens protection coating.

      Get lasting clear vision with Z Clear glasses wipes!

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      • Read here to learn more applications with anti-fog wipes for glasses.
      • Refer to the HOW TO USE guide (located at bottom of page) to ensure the best results when using Z Clear wipes for glasses.
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      • If you did not receive the best results from using Z Clear glasses wipes, please contact us at support@z-clear.com and we will address your concerns.