Disposable Lens Wipes - 50 Ct

Streak Free Anti-Fog Disposable Lens Wipes for Glasses

Easy-to-use, USA-made lens cleaner safe for all lenses.

    These small disposable lens wipes are designed to provide you with clear vision that lasts for 1-3 days. Each pack includes one wet and one dry wipe, conveniently sized to fit in your pocket to quickly and easily clean your glasses or goggles anywhere.

    What to expect with Z Clear wipes for glasses:

    • Ready to use anti-fog wipes to fight moisture in any climate.
    • Easily reduce fingerprints, oils and smudges on glasses.
    • Keep glasses cleaner by preventing buildup of dust, dirt & debris.
    • Eliminate germs & bacteria on application.
    • No leaking or spilling lens solution to worry about.

      Get lasting clear vision with Z Clear glasses wipes!

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      • There are a total of 50 glasses wipes per box. Each package is individually wrapped including one wet and one dry wipe.

        Not only can you use these anti-fog wipes for glasses, but also as an easy, safe way to clean all electronics, face shields and safety glasses.