Spritz (2oz.) - Glasses Cleaner & Anti-Fog Spray

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Size: 1 - Spritz (2oz)

Best Glasses Cleaner & Anti-Fog Spray

Z Clears' safe solution is the most favorable anti-fog spray among athletes or travelers who need a quick eyeglass cleaning on the go. It is the best glasses cleaner because of the powerful lens protection coating that lasts one to three days.

What to expect with our lens cleaner and anti-fog spray:

  • Anti-fog to prevent glasses from fogging due to changing climates.
  • Anti-static stops dust, dirt & debris buildup on lens.
  • Hydrophobic beads up water in rain and high moisture conditions.
  • Oleophobic reduces fingerprints, oils and smudges on glasses.
  • Disinfectant cleaner removes 99.7% germs & bacteria on application.

Z Clear lens cleaner and anti-fog keeps glasses cleaner for longer by reducing outside particles from attaching to your lenses. Our 2oz. anti-fog spray is a safe solution containing no alcohol, ammonia or abrasives, meaning it will never cause damage to a lens. A light application keeps glasses clean and clear all day.

Our lens cleaner and anti-fog solution can be used daily to help prevent glasses from fogging, although it can last up to three days depending on wear and tear. Each bottle can anti-fog glasses over 400 times when used correctly. Please keep in mind that the lens solution is designed first as a glasses cleaner, with the added benefits of anti-fog, anti-static, oleophobic. Our lens cleaner cannot guarantee to anti-fog glasses with anti-reflective coated lenses, but can help the fog disappear more quickly.

We highly recommend pairing the anti-fog spray with a soft microfiber cloth for the best lens cleaning experience.

Ready for the best glasses cleaner ever? Grab your travel size, lens cleaner and anti-fog spray now!

Best Glasses Cleaner & Anti-Fog Spray - Z Clear Lens Cleaner
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  • How to use: Refer to the - HOW TO USE - video guide to ensure the best results when using our anti-fog spray for glasses.
  • If you are not entirely satisfied with Z Clear lens cleaner and anti-fog spray, please contact us at support@z-clear.com and we will be happy to help.