A. Yes, Z Clear is alcohol, ammonia, and abrasive free. We take great pride in making sure Z Clear is safe for all your lenses and surfaces. If you can apply water to it, you can apply Z Clear.

A. Oh anti-reflectives… So these guys are great for the glare especially if you need them for night driving or light-sensitive eyes, but man they can be a hassle. You’ve probably noticed they’re pretty hard to keep clean and when you do clean them the oils love to just smear around like they’re taunting you. This is because they are designed to be microscopically porous to refract light which unfortunately traps in that oil/moisture much more than other coatings and lenses. Because of this some of them still fog a bit even with Z Clear but you’ll still notice it kicks off faster than any other anti-fog. It might be slight at first but keep using it. What’s great is it gets stronger with time. (We recommend avoiding getting those coatings on your lenses unless you have a light sensitivity, especially if you have a major issue with fog. They really push em on you nowadays.)

A. Z Clear is not capable of scratching lenses and neither is our microfiber towel. Common issues we have found is if someone uses a towel that was used for something else dirt or sediment attached to, was washed with fabric softener, or someone used a paper towel/tissue paper/shirt to clean with. These will scratch you lenses no matter what you clean with. You always want to make sure you use a safe cloth on your lenses. Another misunderstanding we come across sometimes is with how clean Z Clear actually makes your glasses. Some are not used to them being completely clean and there’s been a constant thin film on the lens especially if you’ve been using the same nanofiber (the thin cloth you get with the glasses) for awhile without washing it (Rinsing a nanofiber with some hand soap and letting it air dry before cleaning really makes a difference). Z Clear removes ALL the oils from the lens so when looking at it from a distance you might see smaller scratches you didn’t notice were there before.


A. “We hate snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes.” (Indiana Jones for you youngins). So not all lenses are created equal. What we’ve done is create the best anti-fog solution for your lenses while making sure it’s safe for all your lenses and your eyes. Some lenses or surfaces, specifically Anti-Reflectives, may still fog up when first using Z Clear. It will still however kick off faster. Keep using it. It gets stronger and stronger kicking the fog off faster and faster. See below for more on Anti-Reflectives.

A. Yes, it works in both. We have firefighters use it. We have people who live in North Dakota use it. In extremely cold temperatures like -20 degrees Fahrenheit it might falter a tiny but it still makes a big difference especially the more you use it.

A. Z Clear does not remove scratches.Nothing can remove a scratch without scraping/buffing the lens. This would destroy coatings and ultimately ruin the prescription. We want to avoid that. What we’ve done is designed the paste to fill in the scratch. This uses an optical trick by making it a flat surface so that when wearing the lens your eye doesn’t see it. So the scratch is still there, lens undamaged any more than it was, but the clarity is brought back to life. This only works on lenses close to your face that you see through and only small to medium-sized lenses. Unfortunately big cracks and hard damage we can’t save. It does help though and the more you use it the more it fills in some of the deeper ones.

A. Yes. In very low temperatures it can freeze. If this happens just stick it back at room temperature and it will go back to normal. If for some reason the paste separates, stick it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds without the lid. Any more and it will bubble over. This should melt the paste into a liquid. Put the lid back on. Shake it. And stick it somewhere room temperature to cool back off into a solid and you’ll be good to go. As for melting, the spray obviously won’t but the paste in high temperatures might melt. If it does, it is still fine just stick it back in room temperature to cool off back to a solid. You can tell if a paste has melted before opening by looking at the jar. The normal bright blue paste will be a darker blue. Just be careful if opening it so it doesn’t spill. 


A. We usually recommend the paste unless it’s a larger surface, you don’t want to take the extra time to apply, or if you like to avoid touching your lens directly. The paste is a little bit stronger because it’s more condensed and the scratch-filler makes the clarity sharper. You don’t need to use both but some people do because they find it makes it a little stronger or some use the paste here and there and the spray as a quick top-up on the go.

A. Absolutely! According to a journal published by the Journal of Applied Microbiology our phones carry 18x the bacteria of a public restroom handle. Our phones are constantly being touched and bacteria collect on their surface. Z Clear is great at cleaning off the oils and bacteria from your phone screen. The clarity is sharp. In fact, because it repels moisture and oil it will help somewhat keep it clean longer. It won’t last as long as say a pair of glasses or goggles because we’re touching them so much and taking them in and out of our pocket but it will help and cleans it extremely well.

A. You betcha. Quite a few people use Z Clear on their tablets, computers, cameras, and TVs. Especially if you have little ones running around that love to leave their fingerprints everywhere. Z Clear is versatile and can be used on quite a few different things. You can see a list of ideas to use it on here. Heck, we’ve even had a couple people tell us they use it on their sliding glass doors to help prevent dog noses from sticking. That one’s untested by us, can’t imagine Z Clear going up against a big slobbery dog but hey go crazy.


A. No no noo. They’ll be fine. Z Clear is non-toxic or poisonous. With that being said we do not recommend eating it. It does have a light optical soap in it so it might be bad stool softener. We had a baby eat it once and they just had a bad diaper situation. Pooed blue for a week. If consumed we recommend drinking some water and/or eating some food to avoid an upset tummy.

A. Maybe. First, we’ll start by recommending you make sure to keep the lid on tight when not using it and not removing the white moisture seal from the jar. Keep it in the lid. Z Clear is hydrophobic which is fancy for repels water. It will dry out if left exposed for long periods of time. With that being said, we know a trick. If it’s not too far dry you can put a few drops of water into the jar. Stick it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds without the lid. Any more and it will bubble over. This should melt the paste into a liquid. Put the lid back on. Shake it. And stick it somewhere room temperature to cool back off into a solid. Doesn’t always work but has resurrected quite a few.

A. Yes, yes, and yes. As stated above, if you can apply water to it, you can apply Z Clear. Kudos to the monocle though.

A. This typically is only an issue sometimes with swimmers. Make sure when you apply it to swim goggles you wipe it off. Some solutions you can leave on and just dip in the water before wearing. Z Clear is not one of them. If applied and it mixed with the water while swimming its possible to get in the eye. It won’t damage your eyes. It may, however, cause irritation because of the light optical soap in it to help with the cleaning. It’s no different than getting some hand soap in there. Don’t rub it in more. Flush your eye out with water to rinse out the soap. If issues persist consult your doctor. Be careful, there’s the possibility there was something in the water itself that might be affecting your eyes.

A. So those gel coatings are a blessing and a curse. They’re wonderful when you first get them because they seem to work well but they only last so long and if you touch the inside of them even to clean them it smears that hard gel making it look like your goggles are scratched harder than a Beastie Boys vinyl. (These aren’t scratches, it’s just the gel, don’t throw them away.) If you’re over the gel ‘scratches’ or it’s not preventing fog anymore, you can use some spray and then with a towel over your nail get in there really good to get the rest of that gel off. It might take a few minutes of aggressive scrubbing. Then you can apply Z Clear like normal to prevent fogging. If the gel is fine and still preventing fog you don’t really need Z Clear yet. But when it stops you know where to find us.


A. We do.

A. We are currently in a handful of locations around the U.S. We’re growing rapidly and are working on a map to show locations. Until then, you can find us here at our home and we’re more than happy to deliver it right to your door.

A. Honestly, we thank all of you for the amazing feedback and love we’ve gotten. We’re lucky enough to work doing the things we love, skiing, riding bike, swimming, etc. and just being part of these communities. It’s sappy but true. If you feel up to it we would love for you to leave us a review either here or somewhere else like Amazon. It really helps us spread the word, grow, and learn on things we can improve. We want to reinvent the way people see a boring everyday item like lens cleaner. Thanks for growing with us.