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A: Yes, Z Clear is alcohol, ammonia, and abrasive free. We take great pride in making sure Z Clear is safe for all your lenses and surfaces. If you can apply water to it, you can apply Z Clear.

A: Anti-Reflective lenses, or AR coatings, are great for glare especially if you need them for night driving or light-sensitivity. If you have a pair, you’ve probably noticed they are extremely difficult to keep clean and oils on the lenses tend to smear. This is because AR lenses are designed microscopically porous in order to refract light. Unfortunately,  this traps in oil and moisture much more than traditional lenses. Many anti-fog solutions struggle to fight fog on anti-reflective coated lenses. 

The good news is that Z Clear’s got you covered. The more you use Z Clear, the more it will build up a strong protective layer on your lenses. The anti-fogging capabilities might be slight at first but keep using it as the protective layer strengthens increasing anti-fogging capabilities over time. 


A: Our Z Clear Spray is designed for easy application. Made with the same Z Clear solution to clean all lens types without causing any damage. This oleophobic solution will help repel fingerprints, dust, dirt, and oils, as well as preventing condensation and moisture from adhering to the lens. The Spray is easier to apply to large surfaces, and is a safe method for cleaning lenses you want to avoid touching. Continued use creates better and longer lasting results.

Our Paste is designed to do two very unique things. First, it's highly condensed so it's a bit stronger than the typical spray. Second, it's designed to fill in scratches similar to how you would fill in scratches on a CD with toothpaste!

A: Our Z Clear Paste is designed to fill in minor scratches. Remember the old school trick where you filled in scratched CDs with toothpaste?  Our Paste solution works just like that! Apply Z Clear Paste to your lenses and you will notice that the scratches are far less visible. Note that the Paste does not remove scratches completely but simply serves as a means of restoring the lens by filling in the minor scratches making them less visible.


A: Check out how to apply Z Clear paste here, located at bottom of page.

A: Check out how to apply Z Clear spray here, located at bottom of page.

A: Yes, yes, yes, and yes. If you can apply water to it, you can apply Z Clear.

A: Yes and you will be glad you did! 

Phones are found to have 18x the bacteria of a public restroom handle. Use Z Clear everyday to clean the devices you use the most! Z Clear is safe and effective for your tablets, computers, cameras, TVs, Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets, and even GoPros! Visit our blog post here to learn more.


A: Sometimes the cap on your Z Clear Paste doesn’t get closed all the way tight. This can cause the product to dry out but can be fixed by following these steps.

Start by putting a few drops of water into your Z Clear Paste solution. Microwave your Z Clear Paste without the lid for no longer than 5-10 seconds. Be extremely careful not to over do it; only microwaving enough to bring the Paste back into a liquid state. When the Paste is brought back to its liquid state, put the lid back on and shake it.Lastly, store the Paste at room temperature to cool back off and turn back into its original solid state. 

A: Z Clear can be affected by extremely low or high temperatures causing it to freeze or melt. If your product freezes or melts, simply store it at room temperature to bring it back to its original state. The Paste will re-solidify itself and the Spray will melt its way back to its original state as well.

A: For immediate questions, we have a 24/7 chat support located on our website in the bottom right hand corner. If we do not respond, please send us an email to and we will be happy to help.


A: Yes, we do. Feel free to message us in the chat feature with your mailing address to determine how much international shipping will be for your order.

A: Z Clear is completely non-toxic and used among many different food industries such as Smithfield Foods. Z Clear’s solution does use a light optical soap so although we do not recommend eating the product, it is technically safe for consumption.

A: We are currently in a wide variety of locations and industries around the U.S. You can find our retail locations on the interactive map feature on our website. 

A: We would love to work with you! Simply navigate to the wholesale section of our website to fill out a wholesale inquiry form. From there, a product representative will reach out to you with all of the information you need to begin retailing Z Clear. 

A: Yes! We have bulk pricing available. Simply navigate to the wholesale section of our website and fill out a wholesale inquiry form. From there, a product representative from Z Clear will reach out to you with all of the information you need for bulk orders.