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Z Clear doesn't contain alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives, which means no damage to your costly lenses, ever! It can safely be used on any surface to clean and disinfect.

We are located in Ogden, Utah. All lens cleaning solutions are hand-made in small batches by our Z Clear team.

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Prescription Eyewear and Sunglasses

Yes. Z Clear is alcohol, ammonia, and abrasive-free. We take great pride in ensuring that Z Clear is safe for all your lenses and surfaces. If you can apply water to it, you can apply Z Clear.

If you have a pair of anti-reflective glasses, you’ve probably noticed that they're extremely difficult to keep clean and oils on the lenses tend to smear.

AR lenses are designed to be microscopically porous in order to refract light. Unfortunately, this traps oil and moisture more than traditional lenses do. Many anti-fog solutions struggle to fight fog on AR coated lenses. 

The good news is, Z Clear’s got you covered. The more you use Z Clear, the more it will build up a strong protective and anti-fog layer on your lenses.

Product Information

Check out how to apply Z Clear here.

Even when used daily, each bottle or jar will last you over a year! There are 200-400 applications in every 1oz bottle.

Z Clear keeps your glasses clear and fog-free for 1-3 days. Re-apply whenever you're in need of a cleanse or better anti-fog effects.

Z Clear Spray and Paste are made with the same Z Clear solution, but one may be more ideal for your situation.

Here are the differences:

Z Clear Spray: easier to apply to large surfaces and great for cleaning lenses you want to avoid touching. Continued use will create better and longer lasting results.

Z Clear Paste: highly condensed and stronger than the Spray. Designed to fill in scratches, similar to how you may have filled in scratches on a CD with toothpaste!

Did you ever fill in scratched CDs with toothpaste?

Our Paste solution works just like that! Z Clear Paste is designed to fill in minor scratches over time. Note that the Paste does not remove scratches completely, but fills in minor scratches and makes them less noticeable.

Sometimes the cap on your Z Clear Paste doesn’t get closed all the way, and this can cause the product to dry out. It can be fixed by following these steps:

1. Put a few drops of water into your Z Clear Paste solution.

2. Microwave your Z Clear Paste without the lid for no longer than 5-10 seconds. Be extremely careful not to over do it; only microwaving enough to bring the Paste back into a liquid state.

3. Put the lid back on and shake.

4. Store the Paste at room temperature.

5. Use your restored Z Clear paste!

Z Clear can be affected by extremely low or high temperatures, causing it to freeze or melt.

If your product freezes or melts, simply store it at room temperature to bring it back to its original state.

Other Uses

Z Clear is safe for use on plastic, glass, lexan, polycarbonate, and any other surface that you can safely put water on.

Yes! Z Clear is a safe and effective cleaner for your tablets, computers, cameras, TVs, Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets, and even GoPros! Visit our blog post here to learn more.

Z Clear is completely non-toxic. The solution does use a light optical soap, so although we do not recommendeating the product, it is technically safe if consumed.


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