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Spritz - Lens Cleaner & Anti Fog Spray (1 oz.)

Lens Cleaner, Reinvented.

It is ironic that our glasses are supposed to help us see better, yet when they tend to have scratches, are dirty or even fog, it makes it even more difficult to see.

One of the dangers of glasses is simply not being able to see through them. With the Z Clear anti fog spray, you can put your worries aside. We have reinvented a reliable lens cleaner solution that works for you and your glasses.

Z Clear is as a premium lens cleaner to keep glasses cleaner up to 3x longer than regular alcohol based cleaners. Z Clear solutions are alcohol, ammonia and abrasive free.

The Spritz is the best lens cleaner for your glasses because of its versatility. It strengthens your glasses by leaving behind a protective coating with each application.

This lens cleaner has anti-static and oleophobic properties that block oils, fingerprints, dust, dirt and debris from attaching to the surface of your glasses.

The strong coating prevents glasses from getting dirty more quickly. Overall, reducing the amount of lens cleanings needed and saving you time.

The most common occurrence with glasses is that they fog when going through sudden temperature changes. Foggy glasses are not only annoying but can be frightening, especially without warning.

Don't panic. The Spritz is not only a lens cleaner, but a water repellant and anti fog for glasses.

To prevent foggy glasses happening more frequently, apply the anti fog spray to each lens every morning. Each application gives stronger anti fog effects on glasses in wet, cold or hot conditions.

A quick eyeglass cleaning should be a part of your daily eye care routine. - Dr. Jonathan Wolfe

When we say versatile we mean it.

Z Clear Lens Cleaner and Anti Fog makes a tremendous improvement for living life in clarity.

A simple and safe solution for all your glass cleaning needs.

By using Z Clear Spritz anti fog spray for glasses, you will get:

  • Clarity: Conquer the day in awareness when using glasses or goggles.

  • Lasting Clear Vision: More time to focus on work, passions and personal life by keeping your glasses cleaner for longer.

  • Fog Free Vision: Avoid scary moments when your glasses fog with a daily cleaning and anti fog spray routine.

  • Glass Disinfectant: Kill up to 99.7% bacteria, germs and oils from your glasses and electronics.

  • Safe Solution: Care for your skin, eyes and the environment by using a safe solution.

  • When It Matters Most: Celebrate eye-opening, unforgettable moments with clear vision.

Z Clear lens cleaner works best on sports glasses, swim masks, safety goggles, safety glasses and personal protective equipment. Our anti fog spray is the most favorable among customers for repelling water on large surface areas such as hunting blinds, windshields, helmets, and face shields. Read more below.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your lens cleaner and anti fog spray today!

Cleaner for Glasses | Anti Fogging Spray & Lens Cleaner

See below for how to use and additional information regarding the properties in the Spritz anti fog and lens cleaner spray.

Z Clear recommends using a proper microfiber cleaning cloth when using an anti fog spray. A microfiber cloth guarantees an effortless, scratch free cleaning on all surfaces. Read more on Z Clears 4”x4” microfiber lens cleaning cloth on how to properly take care of your costly glasses when drying and polishing your lenses.

    1. SPRITZ LENS CLEANER: Z Clear anti fog spray is your optimal solution to keep glasses from fogging. Our lens cleaning solutions are safe, made with non-toxic ingredients. Z Clear is the best lens cleaner containing four epic properties you do not want to miss out on!
      1. Zero-Abrasive Formula: Guaranteed no damage to your costly glasses during a lens cleaning.
      2. Anti Static Agent: Cleaner for glasses to keep debris, dust and dirt from building up on the lens.
      3. Oleophobic Coating:Minimize the amount of oils and fingerprints that would stick to glasses.
      4. Hydrophobic Coating: Water repellant and anti fog spray to keep glasses from fogging one to three days.
    2. WHAT TO USE ON: Every lens, glass, coating and surface will have different effects when using our anti fog spray.  Z Clear can be applied as often as needed, when anti fogging properties have decreased or simply as a cleaner for glasses.

    3. HOBBIES:The safety of clean glasses should never be overlooked when performing. Play days usually don't happen everyday, so when they do it is best to be fully prepared. Increase awareness when doing what you love most. One application of the Spritz anti fog spray will keepglasses cleaner for longer on sports glasses, motorcycle glasses, paintball gear, hunting blinds, scopes, GoPro, cameras, fishing sunglasses, scuba diving gear, snorkel gear, swim goggles and water glasses.

    4. WORK:The best anti fog spray to prevent glasses from fogging in wet and hazardous conditions. The difference a few seconds can make from fog blocking your view is priceless. Before clocking in, power-up your work equipment by applying Z Clear anti fog on glasses, face shields, safety goggles, face masks, personal protective equipment, plastic face shields, and polycarbonate.

    5. PERSONAL: You begin to take in the world around you the minute you wake up. Make lens cleaning a part of your morning routine for effortless clear vision. Z Clear is a safe solution toprevent oils and smudges on prescription eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, anti glare glasses and anti reflective coatings. Fortunately for you, Z Clear does not stop at cleaning glasses, windshields and mirrors; it can also be used as a disinfectant for cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and television sets.

    6. * DISCLAIMER: Anti-glare or anti-reflective lens coatings are designed to eliminate reflections on the front and back of lenses. Anti reflective coated lenses are known to trap moisture and may fog after Z Clears anti fog spray has been applied on glasses. It is safe to use repeated applications of Z Clears lens cleaner to prevent fog on anti reflective coated lenses. Please take note: Based on the design, some glasses will always have an issue with fog. Anti fog is not a guarantee with all anti-reflective or anti-glare glasses!

    7. Refer to the HOW TO USE video guide to ensure the best results when using Z Clear anti fog for glasses.
    2. Hold the Spritz anti fog spray six inches away from glasses.
    3. Spray once or enough to cover the entire surface area.
    4. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the face or eyes.
    5. * Must be applied to a dry surface or properties in the lens cleaner will not work the same.
    6. Wipe the safe solution in - or leave to dry.
    7. Once dry - use a soft microfiber cloth to clean remaining streaks and smudges left behind.
    8. Repeat as often as necessary.
    1. If you are not entirely satisfied with Z Clears' Anti Fog spray, please contact us at and we will be happy to help. Z Clear lens cleaner has available shipping in the United States and Canada. Ships within 24 hours, except weekends. Refer to our Refund and Shipping Policy for more information (located bottom of page in Terms and Conditions).