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Lens Cleaning & Anti Fog Wipes for Glasses - Three Pack (Set of 5)

Live Fog Free with Lens Cleaning Wipes

Z Clear anti fog wipes are the ideal lens cleaner because they can be taken anywhere with you. They are the same solution as our lens cleaning spray but as glasses wipes.

Z Clear acts first and foremost a premium lens cleaner. Our lens cleaning wipes will last up to 3x longer than regular alcohol based solutions. Our solutions contain anti-static and oleophobic properties that will block oils, fingerprints, dust and dirt from attaching to the surface of your glasses. The coating left behind prevents eyeglasses from getting dirty, overall reducing the amount of lens cleanings needed.

Not only do the wipes clean glasses but they help assist in with fogging. Z Clear anti fog wipes will help in preventing foggy glasses from happening more frequently throughout your day when applied regularly. Each application will give stronger anti fog effects to repel water on glasses in wet, cold or hot conditions. The anti fog wipes will repel water for one to three days.

Our glasses cleaning wipes are a safe solution alcohol, ammonia and abrasive free. Each pack has one WET and one DRY anti fog wipe. Please read directions for use below.

By using Z Clear anti fog wipes for glasses, you will get:

  • Clarity: Increase awareness when using glasses or goggles.
  • Glass Cleaner for Longer: Spend more time doing what you love and less time cleaning streaks, smudges and dirt from your eyeglasses.
  • Anti Fog Wipes:Eliminate the struggle to keep glasses from fogging when experiencing quick changes in temperature.
  • Glass Disinfectant: Eliminate up to 99.7% bacteria, germs and oils from your glasses and electronics.
  • Safe Solution: Care for your skin, eyes and the environment by using a safe solution, with non toxic ingredients.
  • When It Matters Most: See the details that matter most.

Z Clear lens cleaner wipes are ideal for a quick cleaning when on the go or traveling. Our glasses wipes will work well to clean prescription glasses, sunglasses, face shields, polarized sunglasses, personal protective equipment, protective eyewear and screen protective glasses.

See below for additional information on how to keep glasses from fogging with Z Clear lens cleaner and anti fog wipes for glasses.

    1. ANTI FOG WIPES: Z Clear anti fog wipes is the best lens cleaner for glasses when in need of a quick wipe down during travel. The wipes keep glasses from fogging for 1-3 days. With each use of the anti fog wipes, a coating is applied (properties listed below) to help keep glasses from fogging and cleaner for longer.
      • Anti Static: Protective coating to repel and prevent dirt and dust from sticking to glasses.

      • Antifog Glasses: Keep glasses from fogging by using one anti fog wipe on both sides of the lens.

      • Hydrophobic: Assists in eliminating fogging glasses by dispersing water on the surface more quickly in wet conditions or temperature changes.

      • Oleophobic: Helps to keep glasses from smudging and getting fingerprints or oils attaching to lenses, eyeglasses, glasses or prescriptions.

      • Safe Solution: Non toxic ingredients, including no alcohol, ammonia or abrasives making it safe to use on any type of glasses.

      WHAT TO USE ANTI FOG WIPES ON: Every lens, glass, coating and surface will have different effects when using our lens cleaner for glasses.

    2. HOBBIES: A small package to carry with you anywhere your passions are. Use the anti fog wipes on glasses, sports glasses, motorcycle glasses, paintball gear, hunting blinds, scopes, GoPro, camera lenses, fishing sunglasses, scuba diving gear, snorkel gear, swim goggles and water glasses.

    3. WORK: An easy way to clean fogging glasses when on the clock. The anti fogging wipes have long lasting effects for face shields, safety goggles, face masks, personal protective equipment, plastic face shields, and polycarbonate. 

    4. PERSONAL: Safe solution that cleans glasses and keeps glasses from fogging or smudging on prescription eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, anti glare glasses and anti reflective coatings. These glasses wipes can be used on windshields, mirrors, electronic screens, cell phones or as bathroom spray.

    5. * DISCLAIMER: Anti reflective coatings, anti glare glasses, and polarized sunglasses are designed to eliminate reflections on the front and back of the lens. These coated lenses tend to trap moisture which may result in foggy glasses after the first few applications of using the anti fog wipes. In order for the anti fog wipes to effectively keep glasses from fogging, several applications may need to be applied. Our safe solution can be reapplied as many times as needed on anti reflective coatings, anti glare glasses and polarized sunglasses to prevent foggy glasses.

    6. Refer to the HOW TO USE video guide to ensure the best results when using Z Clear lens cleaner for glasses.
    2. Peel open package with the glasses cleaning wipes.
    3. Use the wet anti fog wipe and clean glasses or desired surface area by applying all over the surface, including the corners and crevices.
    4. * MUST be applied to a dry surface to work effectively.
    5. Allow to dry.
    6. Use the dry wipe to clean remaining streaks on glasses.
    7. Repeat as often as necessary.
    1. Please contact us at and we will address your concerns if you did not receive the best results from using our lens cleaner for glasses. Available shipping in the United States and Canada. Ships from the facility within 24 hours, except weekends.