Paste - Eyeglass Cleaner & Anti-Fog for Glasses

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Discover Ultimate Clarity With the Paste Eyeglass Cleaner

    The Paste eyeglass cleaner is unique because it's solid form, similar to glass wax. It helps solve the everyday problem of keeping your glasses clean and fog free by laying down a protective coating. The properties last up to 1-3 days to help:

    • Stop smudges, oils & fingerprints
    • Prevent dust, dirt & debris
    • Repel water, moisture & fog
    • Decrease visibility of seeing scratches
    • Kill 99.7% germs & bacteria

    The eyeglass cleaner easily prevents and removes smudges on glasses, especially those with coated lenses. It is the most effective way to clean eyeglasses because it fills in small scratches on glasses making them less visible to the eye. The Paste is perfect for readers, sunglasses or even old eyeglasses that seem far past repairable because it restores clear vision with every application.

    The tiny, travel size jar fits in a pocket or bag to bring you clarity anywhere. Despite its small size, this eyeglass cleaner has over 300 applications and lasts over a year when used daily.

    We recommend using a soft microfiber cloth when drying and polishing your lenses for an effortless eyeglass cleaning experience.

      Get pristine vision with Z Clear Paste eyeglass cleaner!

      Eyeglass Cleaner | Effective Way to Clean Glasses


      APPLICATIONS:  Every lens, glass, coating and surface will have different effects when using the Paste as an anti-fog for glasses. 

      SPORTS: Sports glasses & goggles, running & biking sunglasses, plastic headgear

      INDUSTRY: Face shields, safety glasses & goggles, face masks, personal protective equipment, medical goggles, plastic face shields, polycarbonate

      PERSONAL: Glasses, sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, anti glare glasses, anti reflective coatings 

      ELECTRONICS: Camera lenses, GoPro, phones, virtual reality headset (VR), televisions

      AUTOMOTIVE: Helmets, windshields, mirrors, back up camera, motorcycle glasses

      OUTDOOR: Binoculars, gun scopes, hunting blinds, fishing sunglasses

      UNDERWATER: Scuba diving gear, snorkel gear, swim goggles, water glasses

      * DISCLAIMER: Please take note, based on the design some coated lenses will always have an issue with fog. Unfortunately, anti-fog is not a guarantee on coated lenses!

      • Refer to our - HOW TO USE - page to ensure the best results when using Z Clear eyeglass cleaner solutions.