Lens Cleaner / Anti Fog Paste

Lens Cleaner / Anti Fog Paste

Z Clear Paste is more than just a lens cleaner – it not only effectively cleans your glasses but also provides a robust protective coating. When you use Z Clear Paste to clean your glasses, you're not just cleaning; you're actively shielding them against fog, dust, and smudges, ensuring clarity for 1-3 days.

What to expect with Z Clear Paste:

  • Oleophobic properties reduce fingerprints, oils, and smudges.
  • Anti-static effects repel dust and debris away from your lens.
  • Anti-fog qualities keep your glasses, goggles, and face shields fog-free even in extreme or high moisture climates.
  • Fills in scratches on glasses to increase optimal clarity.
  • Removes 99.7% of germs & bacteria.

    Get clarity today with our all-in-one anti-fog eyeglass cleaner!

    Long-Lasting Eyeglass Cleaner | Cleans Glasses, Prescriptions & Sunglasses
    • Our Paste anti-fog eyeglass cleaner is unique because it is solid form, similar to glass wax. This is the best lens cleaner for glasses, sunglasses or even old eyeglasses that seem far past repairable because it restores clear vision with every application.

      This travel size anti-fog eyeglass cleaner is designed to fit in small spaces to bring you clarity everywhere. Despite its size, there are over 300 eyeglass cleanings in each jar and lasts over a year even when used daily.