Tips for anti-fog success

A little goes a long way.

MUST be applied to a dry surface.

Allow solution to completely dry before removing.

Always use a soft microfiber cloth to remove solution.

DON'T over wipe solution off, as there should be a thin invisible Z Clear coating left behind.

* Repeat as often as necessary.

Z Clear Lens Wipes

The newest addition to the Z Clear line is our lens cleaning wipes.

Designed for easy, effortless cleaning on the go.

Each pack has one wet and one dry wipe individually wrapped.

Use the wet wipe on multiple surfaces until it dries out.

How To Use Z Clear Paste

1) Use fingertip to apply a small amount of solution to lenses.

2) Rub in well until fully dry.

3) Remove remaining streaks with microfiber cloth.

How To Use Z Clear Spray

1) Spray light application onto surface.

2) Use clean fingers to rub in solution until dry. OR allow to air dry.

3) Wipe remaining streaks off with microfiber cloth.