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Difference Between Microfiber and Nanofiber Cloth

October 12, 2020

If you own a swim goggle, you know that keeping it clean ensures good visibility and allows it last longer. When swimming, your goggles will allow you to see clearly under the water. However, dirt, oil, and fog can create poor visibility when under the waters making your swimming experience undesirable.

Dirty and foggy goggles are a challenge for swimmers, whether free-style or competing. To effectively clean your swim goggle, you want to use the right kind of towel.

So should you choose microfiber towels or nano towels?

Understanding the difference between the two can help you know which one to use with Z Clear glasses cleaner.

What is Nanofiber cloth?

Ananofiber towel is a cleaning cloth made using nanotechnology. The towel, formed from a material known as nanolon, attracts dust, liquid, grime, and dirt like a magnet does. It is slightly sticky, helping it pick up messes rather than spreading them around. You can use nanofiber towels for cleaning and polishing.

What is a microfiber towel?

Amicrofiber towel is a cleaning cloth made from a combo of materials like polyester and nylon or polyamide. This kind of towel has superior absorbency as well as scrubbing power. It also traps dirt. You can use it for cleaning, polishing, and drying.

What to Use to Clean Your Lenses

If you are looking for a cleaning cloth that you can safely and effectively use to clean your swim goggles, you may want to consider microfiber towels. These towels are incredibly absorbent, meaning that oils will not smear around the lens surface while cleaning. While similar to nanofibers, microfibers stay clean longer. They are the ideal way to polish the lens of your goggle once you have appliedZ Clear glasses cleaner.

Whether you are swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, you know how important it is to ensure good visibility when wearing your goggles. Using a microfiber cloth to clean your goggles ensures that they remain clean and do not experience scratch marks. Microfiber towels will allow you to clean your lens using a quality lens cleaner easily. It will wipe off residual streaks and will absorb much of the solution.

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