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What to Know About Z Clear Solutions

Are you looking forthe best anti-fog spray and lens cleaner? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Z Clear lens cleaning solution is revolutionary and achieves more than traditional cleaners. You can use it to clean glass surfaces, clear different types of fog, or temporarily fill in fine scratches ultimately providing the clarity you need. Here are some important eye-opening facts you should know about our solution:

Features No Alcohol, Ammonia or Abrasives

Z Clear lens cleaning and defogging solutions do not contain any alcohol, ammonia or abrasives. You can use our cleaners on your glasses and electronics without worrying about damages. Ever! The result is a streak free clean and clear surface free of dirt, dust, oil, and moisture. Z Clear is beneficial for anyone because our lens cleaning solutions are safe and easy to use.

Cleaner For Lenses, Glass & Plastic 

Our solution is designed for all kinds of glass and plastic surfaces, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, motorbike helmets, skiing or snowboarding goggles, windshields, coated lenses, high end optics and diving gear, among many others. You can also use it on surfaces such as TV screens and monitors. If you have any glass surface that needs regular cleaning, you can trust Z Clear. General rule of thumb: if you can apply water to it, then you can apply Z Clear!


Fine scratches can trap moisture, dust, and dirt. Unfortunately, you can't protect your lenses from scratches. All you can do is fill existing scratch lines, which you get with our paste. It can temporarily fill in tiny scratches and lines on your glasses, giving you the illusion that the scratches have disappeared. Revolutionary, right?

Long-Lasting Effects 

All Z Clear anti-fog and lens cleaning solutions feature the same active agents. You can trust our solutions to easily remove dust, dirt, and oils from your lenses. The strong protective coating will last up to one to three days keeping your lenses clear and fog free. Cleaning with Z Clear will give you long-lasting effects and save you more on alternative glass cleaning solutions. 

Defogging and Antistatic 

Fog forming on your helmet or glasses can result in accidents. Fortunately, our anti-fog solution repels moisture preventing fog formation. If you get caught in the rain, water will bead up and roll off your lenses. It is also antistatic, preventing dust and loose particulates from settling on the surface. Our solutions eliminate the frustration of constantly cleaning your glasses from dust and the dangers of losing sight because of fog.

Z Clear is the ultimate solution when looking to clean glasses or lenses. The solution features a scratch-filling paste, anti-fog spray, and antistatic microfiber cloth, providing a clean and clear surface, every time.

Are you ready to see the world more clearly? You have found us! Shop our solutions here.

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