Different Types of Fog You Should Watch Out For

Different Types of Fog You Should Watch Out For

Those who wear glasses or goggles for outdoor activities know that there’s nothing fun about foggy lenses. The constant need to wipe off your lenses isn’t only a hassle, but it can also lead to scratching if you’re using the wrong fabrics and cleaners; your best bet is to use the best anti fog spray on the market: Z Clear. It’s good to know what kind of fog you can expect to deal with in certain areas, and in this blog we’re going to talk about some of the different types.

Radiation Fog

This is a very common type of fog throughout the United States. Radiation fog occurs when the ground cools and is then exposed to thermal radiation that condenses the air above the surface. It mostly occurs during the winter, so if you’re in a city where this fog is prominent, the best anti fog spray here at Z Clear may be a good holiday gift to consider.

Valley Fog

This is something states like Utah will see more often. As the name states, valley fog occurs within valleys. This fog develops when cold air sits on the valley floor and warm air is suspended above. Valley fog, and you can ask Salt Lake City residents, lasts for several days at a time and can be a pain to drive in.

Freezing Fog

While not freezing entirely, freezing fog remains in a suspended liquid state and Oftentimes forms light ice particles on poles, fences, and lamp posts. There’s a good chance that you’ve seen this type of fog before and may have mistaken it for frost.


Advection Fog

If you’re into winter sports, you may want to have the best anti fog spray on the ready. Advection fog occurs when air with lots of moisture passes over an equally cooler surface. It occurs when humid air moves over snow or something such as a cold sea. So, you may see this type of fog the next time you go snowboarding or ic e fishing.

Evaporation Fog

Commonly seen in bathtubs and pools, this type of fog forms when cold air runs above warmer surfaces (a direct opposite of advection fog). 


It’s important to know the types of fog and how they form so that you know when to keep the best anti fog spray handy. If you want to be prepared to keep your glasses clear of fog while doing so in a safe manner as to avoid damaging your lenses, check out Z Clear today.

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