Alcohol-Based Solutions vs. Z Clear

Alcohol-Based Solutions vs. Z Clear

A solid and effective anti fog spray liquid is essential if you’re looking to keep your glasses, goggles and other lenses clean and clear of any fog. Fog is a year-round problem that requires a definite solution, and with so many different types of anti fog sprays on the market, how do you know which ones to trust and which ones to pass on? Most of the anti-fog sprays that you’ll find on the shelves are going to contain a few ingredients that you should be wary of: ammonia and alcohol. While you may get a decent cleaning out of these types of products, over time you may begin to see damage to the coating on your lenses; this is why we recommend our ammonia and alcohol-free solution here at Z Clear.

Here is how we compare:

Protection Against Glass Corrosion

Our anti-fog spray liquid is designed to protect your lenses and screens from moisture, oil and dirt without the harsh-aid of alcohol. Our Cleanser removes smears from your glasses all the while forming a protective coating that adds more fortification to your lenses for a clearer look.

Our solution also lasts longer than most alcohol-based cleaners, reducing the number of times you have to clean off your glasses.

Anti-Fogging Solution

Sure, alcohol solutions may seem effective, but is it worth it if you’re going to have to replace your lenses due to damaged coating? Our anti-fog spray liquid is designed to repel moisture and condensation and will lead to more durable, clean surfaces.

Bonus: Scratch Filler

Our anti-fog spray liquid is perfect for a quick clean, but our paste is what you’ll want to get your hands on if you want to fill small scratches on your lenses. It can be annoying having to see scratches every time you put on your glasses or goggles, but it’s not practical to get an all-new pair of lenses. Our paste can make quick work of those scratches, giving you a clear look unlike you’ve ever seen. Simply apply the paste as you see the scratches reappearing and you’re good to go.

We stack up pretty well against alcohol-based cleaners, even offering benefits that they simply cannot due to the ingredient within their solutions. If you want a cleaner that will get the job done without leaving behind any damage, Z Clear is the anti fog spray liquid for you.

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