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Why Z Clear is an Office Essential in 2021

May it be your PC, smartphone, prescription lenses, or sunglasses, it’s safe to say that we spend most of our time in the office interacting with screens and glasses. The unfortunate fact is that many people forget to includeglass cleaner on the list of their office supplies. 

Not only do dirty and foggy lenses interfere with visibility, they also harbor bacteria that can pose health hazards. That's why our top-notch research and development team at Z Clear developed a premium glass cleaner solution to help you keep your prescription lenses and electronic screens clean and sanitized in the office, at work or home.

Read on to understand why Z Clear is an office essential. 

Increased Productivity at Work


Do you spend the better part of your day working behind a computer screen? The fact is that due to static electricity generated by computer screens, these components attract and accumulate a lot of dust and oil. 

A dirty screen leads to light fluctuation, which can be very irritating to the eyes, which in turn has a negative correlation to productivity. That's why you need a premium lens cleaner to keep your screen clear and boost productivity in your offices. 

Our premium glass cleaner does not integrate ammonia and alcohol, so you don't ever have to worry about damage to your device. 

The Perfect Glass Cleaner & Anti-Fog Solution



If you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, then you know how irritating fog on your lenses can be. The good news is that Z Clear is a next-level solution that protects your glasses against fogging. With our anti-fog glass cleaner, you enjoy a clearer and better view of those emails, spreadsheets, and texts.

Improved Health



In our daily undertaking, we pick up bacteria and other disease-carrying pathogens from door handles and table surfaces, just to mention a few. With the novel Coronavirus, the sanitization of surfaces has become a norm, and we have to agree due to frequent use of our phones; most of these bacteria are retained on these devices. That's why we implore you to use Z Clearglass cleaner with the perfect formula of eliminating up to 99.9 of bacteria from your phone while keeping oils and other dirt at bay. Learn more here.

Whether it's cleaning your prescription lenses or electronic screens, Z Clear is the ideal solution that will keep them in tip-top conditions and protected.

For more information on Z Clear products, contact us here.

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