Why Z Clear is the Best Choice for your Sunglasses

Why Z Clear is the Best Choice for your Sunglasses

It’s not enough to make sure that you’re taking care of your prescription glasses, but you should also be doing everything that you can to keep your sunglasses in pristine condition. Our anti fog spray for glasses here at Z Clear doesn’t only work on your everyday glasses, but also on your favorite pair of shades. Here is why our anti fog spray is the best choice when it comes to cleaning your sunglasses.

You’ll Keep Your Glasses Safe from Scratches

It’s crucial that you have the proper materials to clean your sunglasses to avoid doing any damage to the lenses. When you clean your lenses with your t-shirt or tissue paper, you’re using abrasive materials made from wood; this will eventually lead to fine scratches that are unrepairable and can affect your vision, not to mention ruin your glasses aesthetically. We have manufactured the ultimate microfiber cloth that is sure to get those smudges out without leaving behind any annoying scratches.

TheDownside of Popular Cleaners

Traditional cleaners often have alcohol, ammonia and abrasives within the solution. These chemicals do more harm than good, leading to coating damage over time. Aside from this, they hardly ever clean your lenses a majority of the time, leaving behind nothing but an oily mess.The anti fog spray for glasses at Z Clear takes alcohol, ammonia, abrasives and silicone out of the equation. This helps our cleaner keep your sunglasses scratch-free and also repels dirt, oils, and dust.

We recommend using our anti fog spray for glasses and our microfiber cloth on your prescription sunglasses to get the most out of them and keep them looking brand new for years to come. Check out our products today and see how we can bring back that clarity that you fell in love with when you first tried on your sunglasses.

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