Z Clear: When should I use the spray, paste, or both?

If you're like most people who wear glasses or sunglasses often, you have experienced foggy or scratched lenses. Instead of spending money to replace your glasses, you can use Z Clear paste, spray, or a combination of both to renew your lenses and other surfaces.

When Should You Use the Z Clear Spray?

Z Clear spritz and the biggie spray is best to use for large surfaces. This spray prevents condensation and moisture from adhering to the lens, which means you can enjoy clear lenses longer without having to worry about wiping your glasses to remove the fog and remove glares. You don't have to worry about causing extensive damage to your lenses when you're cleaning them. You can use this spray to remove fingerprints, different oils, dust, and dirt from your lenses.

The bigger version of our spritz, thebiggie spray, can be used for the same purposes as the smaller bottle, but it is intended for larger-scale cleanings, such as motorcycle and car windshields, bathroom mirrors, and electronic screens.

When Should You Use the Z Clear Paste?

Z Clear paste is ideally used for filling in scratches and getting a clear look. You are well aware of how annoying and frustrating it is to wear glasses that have scratched lenses. When your lenses are scratched, regardless of how small the scratch is, it's hard to see through the scratch, and the scratch is the only thing you can focus on. Z Clear features the best anti-fog spray that help your lenses remain clear. The Z Clear paste provides a protective coating that repels oil, dust, and moisture.

Using the Z Clear Spray and Paste

Whether you have a small or large surface to clean, you can use the Z Clear best anti-fog spray and paste to help you get the job done. Don't forget to use themicrofiber cloth to help improve your lenses’ surface and protect them.

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