Z Clear: Use in Extreme Hot and Cold Weather

A lot has been said about keeping glasses clean, including using the right pieces of fabric, premium alcohol-free cleaners, and how often you need to replace the lenses. But what remains clear is that Z Clear is the best cleaner for your eyeglasses if you want them to stay in good condition. Read on to find out why it is the best all-weather cleaner.

Extreme Cold Weather

Nothing is better than a day on the slopes. Fogged up goggles can ruin your day quickly, and the cold weather you endure on the mountain can be battled with Z Clear. Z Clear is made from a hydrophobic solution that prevents moisture and fog from penetrating inside your glasses. While many products contain the same, you can never be sure whether they are alcohol or silicone-based. By now, you already know the damages alcohol and silicone can cause on your lenses and plastic frames. Even if the product is alcohol-free, it might not prevent your lenses from resin buildups.

If you stay ina place affected by fog, you should always adhere to the instructions when applying the Z Clearanti-fog spray. It sums up as a cleaner and a protective coating for your lenses. So when you do not follow the instructions when using it, you might not positive results. Remember, every time you use it to clean your lenses; it will continue to offer the same results to guarantee a long shelf life.

Extreme Heat

Not only can Z Clear keep your glasses fog-free on a cold day, but Z Clear can also keep your glasses dust-free on a hot day, with its Anti-Static properties. Whether you are riding through the desert on your motorcycle or working construction in the heat of the day, Z Clear will keep your glasses cleaner longer and help you accomplish your activities. You may be tempted to use your cotton t-shirt with an alcohol-based product to clean it. At first, it may seem like a great idea until your lenses start wearing out. But with Z Clear's anti-static properties, it is easy to eliminate the dust sticking in hard-to-reach areas. Also, it is scratch-filler properties that will help patch up the areas that have been affected by dust.

While having a premium glass cleaner is a crucial decision to make, it can only be worthwhile when you can match its properties with their functions. Before you clean your glasses, always follow all the instructions to promote your glasses' well-being and components.

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