How Hunters are Using Z Clear

When your lens is all scratched, visibility may be an issue, especially for hunters who rely on clear vision. Lack of clear vision is the last thing you need when out in the woods. Thankfully Z Clear glass scratch filler fills minor scratches on a lens to guarantee clear vision.

Z Clear glass scratch filler makes the surface flat, ensuring that light does not retract the different cuts in the glass or plastic. When you look through them after applying the glass scratch filler, you will notice improved clarity.

But how are hunters using the Z Clear?

Applying a small amount

When using the Z Clear paste, hunters should rub a small amount of the paste on his or her finger, and apply it on a dry surface. If you notice a blue on your finger, you are using too much of the glass scratch filler, and it may lead to undesired results. When it comes to application, less is more.

Rub the Cleaner Gently Until Fully Dry

It would help to cover the desired surface with athin layer. If there is dirt or dust on the lens, the first thing should be to rinse it, then dry and apply the paste to avoid scratching the lens.

Wipe clean

When using aglass scratch filler,wiping it off is one of the most crucial steps hunters should remember.

It is the one thing that determines the clarity and visibility of the lens. Wiping off should be done using a dry and clean microfiber/soft cotton cloth. The cloth is the best solution for achieving the best results possible.

Store the microfiber towel safely to avoid any dust or dirt getting to it. When such particles get attached, they can scratch the lens while in use. When wiping, rub until the surface is clean and clear, and be cautious of over wiping. Over wiping could reduce the strength of the protective coating hence damage the lens altogether.

Surfaces are different, and protective solutions do not work the same. Some may last weeks while others a couple of days and even fog a bit. The good thing with Z Clear is that it continues to get stronger as you use it. The more you use it, the more you realize that the protection it offers lasts longer and gets rid of the fog faster.

Be sure to get your Z Clear glass scratch filler today and enhance your lens clarity!

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