Should You Clean Your Glasses with Your Shirt?

As a glass wearer, whether medicated or for sun protection, there are many times when you have been tempted to blow air into your lenses and to use the hem of your shirt to wipe off the fog. While it may seem like the easiest thing to do when you can't access your Z Clear with glass scratch filler, the damaging effects of doing that can make you spend a lot of money on replacements.

Why you shouldn't wipe the fog off your glasses using your shirt

T-shirts are made from cotton whose fibers can cause scratches on your lenses each time you use them to clean your glasses. Since cotton fibers tend to host much dirt and food particles, they can cause smudges on your lenses. So, the answer is "No." Do notuse your shirt to clean your glasses no matter how tempting it is.

What to do if your glasses are smudged

To get rid of smudging, you should invest in microfiber and a glass scratch filler. Follow these tips when cleaning your glasses:

  1. You can use a gentle soap to clean your glasses, but getting theZ Clear cleaning solution will provide the best results
  2. Do not rinse your glasses in hot or cold water. Use lukewarm water instead to clear out all the visible film.
  3. Put your eyewear aside and wash your hands to remove any soap. That will prevent the oils from your fingers; do not end up on your lens as you rinse it.
  4. Do not use your shirt to wipe off the water from your eyewear. Use a microfiber or a cleaning cloth approved by your optician.
  5. Shake them after washing to get rid of excess water.
  6. Use the microfiber cloth to get rid of any moisture over the edges. The Z Clear premium cleaner comes with a microfiber cloth that is designed for this.

However, tempting it may seem, do not use your shirt's hem or sleeves toclean your eyewear. Instead, invest in Z Clear productsthat contain glass scratch filler properties to guarantee a longer shelf-life for your lenses.

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