Benefits of Backup Cameras 

Having to reverse with your head peeking outside the front window is hardly ever the best solution. It's not just uncomfortable, but there are too many blind spots you might miss, and these can prove damaging to your car or other property. Worse, someone could be in the way.

Back up cameras are available for just that purpose, making sure that as you move your car backward, you have a clear line of sight, eliminating the possibility of hitting something unawares. With Z Clear's best anti-fog spray, you make that line of sight even clearer.

Prevention of Accidents with Kids and Pets

Also known as backover accidents, reversing accidents are real risks when there are kids and pets around. Kids may be absorbed in their play and fail to realize that a car's headed in their direction, and pets may be instantly stimulated, causing them to run without looking out for hazards.

Without a backup camera, the driver in the front may fail to notice that there's a child or pet in the way, leading to an unfortunate injury. Of course, that's completely avoidable with a back up camera that helps maintain a clear line of sight, allowing the driver to spot something as soon as it falls into the car's path. Anti-fog spray, offered byZ Clear, is perfect for cleaning your back up cameras. Making sure your cameras are fog-free and clear to ensure you can see to the best of your ability. 

Almost Total Elimination of Your Blind Zone

Most reversing accidents occur because the driver can't see something behind the car, only realizing it's there at the point of impact. Studies have consistently shown that a backup cameraeliminates as much as 88% of the blind zone. But your backup cameras have no use if they are scratched or dirty, which is why Z Clear encourages the use of their best anti-fog spray. 

Aid for Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is among thetrickiest driving maneuvers, explaining why it accounts for a high rate of minor collisions. Having a back up camera makes it easy to position a car precisely between two others, with the driver's front line of sight clear. In contrast, the camera provides a backward vision; preferably one kept effectively clean by anti-fog spray.

As a driving aid, a back up camera is important, and the benefits it provides drivers can often prove crucial. At the very least, it offers reassurance for safer driving.


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