Z Clear for your Swim Goggles

Your eyes are not designed to ensure vision when underwater; that is why you wear swim goggles to see while underwater. With these goggles, you can see where you are heading, focus on your swim technique, and stay in your lane. Even when you wear swim goggles, you may find that fog creates a problem – you cannot see clearly. You cannot reach up and wipe your goggle to get rid of the mist because it builds up inside the lenses. The presence of fog can distract you, and you begin to swim off-course. You may want to use an anti-fog spray to keep your swim goggle clear and free of moisture. So make sure you have all theswimming accessories in place.

Why swim goggles fog up

Condensation is the cause offoggy goggles. When in the water, your goggles cool off, but the areas surrounding your eyes tend to heat up because of the body temperature. Water droplets will tend to form on the inner side of your goggles because of the heat and cold, hence creating fog. You know, the harder an individual swims, the warmer his or her body gets. This again means more moisture.

Why use anti-fog spray

There are different ways you can do away with fog forming inside your swimming goggles. However, some of them are not so convenient. You may want to get your face wet before getting into the water. However, that is only a temporary solution because as you continue swimming, your face will heat up, causing the fog to form.

Spitting into your goggles may work, again temporary. However, it is not convenient when racing it. Even when not racing, you may find it distracting your swimming experience. Applying shampoo or shaving cream will not work conveniently for you. So the best option you have is to use an anti-fog spray. You can put the spray in your bag as you go swimming and apply it before entering the water.

You may want to use Z Clear,a top-rated lens cleaner that helps keep your goggle free of fog. The anti-fog spray reduces the goggles' surface tension, making it difficult for droplets to form on your goggle.

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