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With Halloween right around the corner, the pressure of having the perfect costume can seem daunting. Don't stress, Z Clear has compiled a list of fun costume ideas that incorporate your glasses!
Your motorcycle helmet will get dirty, whether you ride for long hours or not. Helmets accumulate dirt both outside and inside, calling for regular cleaning. 
If you like watching a lot of tv, play video games or work on a computer, save your eyeballs with these five steps. You will be happy you did.
Everybody is looking to save on money these days, and buying glasses every year doesn't seem like a cost-effective decision. Caring for your glasses not only saves you money, but it also prevents you from catching diseases they may harbor when they aren't properly cleaned or maintained. 
You spend most of your waking hours staring on a computer or smartphone screen, which exposes you to potentially harmful blue light. You are probably reading this message on one of your screens, exposing your eyes at this moment. 
Certain eyeglass frames are particularly flattering on specific facial shapes. People who are trying to select a fashionable pair of glasses should take the shape of their faces into account.
Whether you are an expert skier or are looking to ski for the first time, learning how to care for your goggles is essential. Like typical glasses, ski goggles are likely to get dirty after use. The best way of keeping them clean is to do regular cleanup and maintenance.
If you wear glasses, you are most likely familiar with the annoying condensation that tends to interfere with your vision as the lenses fog up when you are boiling a pot of water or sipping a coffee cup.
You cannot invest in an expensive pair of designer eyeglasses only to allow fingerprints and dust to gather. It is hard to give undivided attention to the task at hand when your lenses are full of smudges and streaks. Dirty glasses can also be harmful to your health since bacteria can grow, leading to staph infections and other skin problems. You could be thinking about using the sleeve of your shirt.
If you have been wearing prescription eyeglasses for some time, you are probably familiar with the issue of fogging on your glasses. Fogging on the eyeglasses usually happens when you move to a warm area from a relatively colder environment.