How Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet Can Save Your Life

If you are riding a motorbike and, unfortunately, are involved in an accident, chances are, you will suffer a head injury. Head injuries are a leading cause of fatality in bike accidents.

Your helmet is as important as your bike key: It is a must-have for your safety. 

Here is why:

The NHSTA asserts that the chances of being involved in a fatal crash are 16 times higher than those of a motor vehicle driver. Your head is in the most vulnerable position to suffer from harm should an accident happen. Without a helmet, you can sustain a severe injury, leading to death. 

A helmet can help reduce those grim statistics by close to a third. There is a 67% chance that you will suffer a head injury after a bike accident when wearing a helmet.

Protection to the head against flying objects

Without a helmet, a minor injury to the head can lead to traumatic brain injury or concussion, causing permanent impairment to your range of motion, cognitive, and emotional functions. A severe brain injury can cause a coma, paralysis, or death.

Wearing a helmet can also offer your eyes, face, and teeth protection against flying objects, such as debris, rocks, dirt, low hanging signs, and insects. There are reports of riders suffering from contact eczema after coming into contact with insects.

If an insect were to get stuck in your eye when riding at high speeds, you could become disoriented and become the cause of an accident.

Keeping your visor clean

You should clean your helmet's visor using Z Clear's best anti-fog spray to help you have a clear view when riding. This cleaning solution helps waterproof your visor against vapor, prevents it from developing cracks, and reduces glare. Your visor will also achieve enhanced grease repellence for a clearer view.

There are more motorcycle accidents compared to those involving motor vehicles. Motorcyclists are likely to suffer injury or death after an accident subject to the protective gear worn. A helmet helps reduce head injuries, which are a leading cause of death among motorcycle riders.

A helmet contributes to your safety and that of other road users. Use the best anti-fog spray products from Z Clear to keep your helmet clean.

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