How Dirty Your Motorcycle Helmet Gets

Your motorcycle helmet will get dirty, whether you ride for long hours or not. Helmets accumulate dirt both outside and inside, calling for regular cleaning. Although the outside areas can do with minimal maintenance, you need to make sure the inside is as clean as possible or risk a sticky, itchy helmet. The screen also needs daily cleaning to provide a clear vision on the roads. But how dirty does your motorcycle helmet really get?

Dust and dirt buildup

Dirty helmets are so from the daily dust and dirt buildup. Just like our faces get oily and dirty even without doing anything special, helmets are exposed to air impurities, such as dust, smoke, pollen, factory impurities, acid rain, and so forth. You require daily cleaning to remove everyday dust, especially if you ride for long hours through high-traffic roads. Using a damp cloth is one way to clean the exterior and interior surfaces of your helmet. Make sure you let it dry before storing it.

Fog and moisture buildup

Fog and moisture can block your vision, causing injuries and accidents. That's why motorcyclists are advised to use anti-fog and de-fogging cleaners. The trapped moisture also attracts dust and other air pathogens. If your motorcycle helmet fogs a lot, you can fix this by using Z Clear, which has several other benefits besides repelling moisture.


Helmets feature lenses susceptible to scratches that can leave your vision cloudy. The fine lines also trap dust, dirt, and moisture, which continue to damage the lenses. You can use scratch-resistant cleaners, such as Z Clear paste, which fills the cracks to restore your helmet's original look. However, such pastes can only restore lenses with fine scratches. You should also follow up with recommended cleaning agents.

Professional motorbike helmet cleaner

Z Clear is a reliable lens cleaner with various products to keep your glass surfaces sparkling clean and clear. The anti-fog cleaner repels moisture to keep your helmet free from fog while the anti-scratch paste removes scratches. The Z Clear lens cleaner also boasts antistatic properties, which reduces dust settlement on your helmet. It is crucial to clean your motorcycle helmet based on your riding patterns, preferably after every use. The inside section also needs thorough cleaning to guarantee air quality. Contact us today to find out more about Z Clear motorcycle helmet cleaner and other lens solutions.

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