How Z Clear Paste Strengthens Glasses


Everybody is looking to save on money these days, and buying glasses every year doesn't seem like a cost-effective decision. Caring for your glasses not only saves you money, but it also prevents you from catching diseases they may harbor when they aren't properly cleaned or maintained. When you clean your glasses using your handkerchief or shirt, you aren't doing any justice to your glasses or overall well-being. Below, we look at why getting the Z Clear paste is an essential strengthening ingredient for your glasses.

Why get a Z Clear Paste

You may have come across dozens of cleaning products for glasses, but not all are designed to guarantee durability. Here is why you need to get a Z-Clear paste.

Gets rid of the dust and moisture

Dust and moisture make the perfect recipe for deteriorated ski glasses. Cleaning your glasses using your clothe or sanitary papermay seem like a cost-friendly and straightforward approach, but they expose them to scratches from small particulates. Eventually, your lenses will need regular replacements, and this is something that you don't want to go through. The Z clear paste premium lens cleaner has essential ingredients that prevent your lenses from scratching and filling those present.

Doesn't contain ammonia or alcohol

Most cleaners contain ammonia or alcohol, which produces oils that are hard to remove. When you use these commercial products, your glasses will eventually get damaged. But when you combine the alcohol-free Z-clear paste with a microfiber cloth, the hard-to-reach places will be cleaned. That is a sure way of ensuring your ski glasses last a lifetime.

How to use the Z-Clear paste

  • Pour a small amount of paste on your finger. If it turns blue, then you will know you are using too much.
  • Apply the surface of your lens with a thin coating of Z Clear
  • Let it dry
  • Using your microfiber cloth or cotton cloth, gently wipe it off to prevent the oil protection layer from coming off.

The Z Clear product is an alcohol-free product that guarantees an unlimited lifespan for your ski glasses. Get the paste today and watch your glasses stand the test of time.

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