How Often Should You Clean Your Ski Goggles?

Whether you are an expert skier or are looking to ski for the first time, learning how to care for your goggles is essential. Like typical glasses, ski goggles are likely to get dirty after use. The best way of keeping them clean is to do regular cleanup and maintenance. Once you clean them immediately after use, you can store them in your goggle bag. The following essential tips will help you strengthen your goggles even after cleanup:

  • If you wear it regularly, then you should clean it after use at the end of the day. Getting the right products to clean it will guarantee a longer shelf life and prevent it from gathering unwanted particles.
  • Always store your goggles at room temperature. The glasses tend to absorb moisture, dirt, and resin buildup when they are not properly stored. Always go for a goggle bag with a hard case or even a box to avoid exposing them to damages during travel.
  • Keep away from the sun's UV rays. While hanging them on your rearview mirror may seem like a convenient way of storing them when not in use, this exposes them to a harsh environment.
  • Do not wear cold ski goggles on your warm face since it tends to create vapor condensation effects. That causes it to fog immediately, decreasing its lifespan.
  • Always ensure it is dry before you store it since moisture is one of the biggest enemies of goggles and glasses in general.
  • Invest in a good glass scratch filler and cleaning products for your goggles.

Clean your glasses using the Z Clear paste

The Z Clear paste is a strengthening product and glass scratch filler designed for cleaning ski goggles. It works by preventing scratches and filling up any caused by substandard cleaning agents. Once you apply a thin layer of the paste on your lenses, it will get rid of any oils, dirt, or resin buildup in hard-to-reach places. The cleaning agent does not contain ammonia or alcohol that tends to leave oils on your lens's surface. Anti-reflective glasses that are cleaned using Z Clear paste have a clearer look and repel moisture to reduce condensation impact for longer.

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