Z Clear Paste


The Z Clear Paste, designed for efficiency, is made from a solution that is alcohol, ammonia, silicone, and abrasive free. Our solution works as a lense cleaner, while repelling moisture and providing anti-fog properties. The paste is our condensed form of the Spritz spray. The paste helps fill in small scratches on your lenses, giving your view a more clear look. Continuous use of the paste will help fill in the deeper scratches on your lense, while giving you an effective coating for repelling oil, dust, and moisture.

  • Oleophobic
  • Anti-fog
  • Scratch-filler
  • Anti-static
  • Strong protection
    1. Paste - Apply a small amount of the paste on to your finger, less is more, if you see blue on your fingertip you are using too much. Cover the surface of your lense with a thin coating of Z Clear. Repeat on each lens as needed. Let dry. Gently wipe off the leftover residue with a microfiber or cotton cloth until the lens is clear. Do not over wipe, it will remove the application of fog and oil protection. Regular use of the application will fill in some deeper scratches and strengthen the anti-fog, oil protection and duration.
    2. *Using Z Clear on Anti Reflective lenses (AR): Anti-glare lens or AR coatings are designed to eliminate reflections from the front and back of a lens. These lenses tend to build up dirt and oils since they trap more moisture, which means they may still fog up with a Z Clear application. However, Z Clear is designed to keep anti reflective lenses cleaner for longer and still repel that moisture faster. We have also found that frequent use of Z Clear on anti reflective lenses will overall help reduce the effects of condensation.
    1. Safe to use on:Glass, plastic, polycarbonate, lexan - our specially developed zero-abrasive formula is designed for all lenses and all coatings. Terrific for home, sport, and industrial settings, including prescription lenses & sunglasses; polarized, anti-reflective and transitions.
    2. Z Clear contains no alcohol, no ammonia, and no abrasives. What’s more, our “scratch-filler” technology intuitively ‘fills-in’ and reduces the effects small scuffs and scratches have on goggles and glasses, for a clearer, sharper view. As you’d expect, every lens and lens coating is different, so be sure to follow the application guide below to ensure your lens get the most from Z Clear.
    1. If for whatever reason, you’re not entirely satisfied with Z Clear, please contact us at support@z-clear.com and we’ll be happy to help.
    2. *Once the scratches or damage to the lenses is too great Z Clear won’t be able to fill them in all the way. Only works on lenses close to the face that you see through. Won’t fix scratches on say a phone or windshield.