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Those who wear glasses complain about having foggy lenses, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic because of face masks. One tip you can use to prevent fogging of your lenses is by cleaning the lenses with Z Clears anti-fog solution before wearing them and putting on a mask. 
Our revolutionary glass cleaner is the best way to clean your prescription lenses. But, with that said, your devices can greatly benefit from Z Clears premium solution as well.
If you wear prescription lenses, you’ve most likely experienced the frustrations that come with fog, dirt and smears from trying to clean off your glasses. This can get old quick, not to mention the damage that can come from trying to clear off your lenses with rough fabrics. So, what can you do to keep your glasses clean while also protecting them from any smearing, scratching and other damages? Our anti fog-spray for glasses at Z Clear is the all-in-one solution you’re looking for. 
We here at Z Clear want to avoid doing any irreparable damage to your glasses, which is why we have tailored a glass scratch filler to help you temporarily deal with these annoying scratches.

A quality glass cleaner is the best way to clean yourglasses. Here's a "How To" guide to clean your lenses the right way using our microfiber cloth!

Glass cleaners are a must-have for the summer Here's why you need z clear to get the most out of your favorite activities during these hot months!
At Z Clear we are Lens Cleaning Reinvented. What does this mean? It means we are here to help educate, inform and provide the greatest cleaning products possible for all your lenses, screens and monitors. Our specially formulated paste is a great alternative choice to the every day spray cleaners out there. 
There are so many reasons why Z Clear has led the industry as an all around lens cleaner but here are just some of our favorites!