How to Care for Anti Reflective Coated Lenses

How to Care for Anti Reflective Coated Lenses

Anti reflectives are tricky lenses to care for. You have to be extremely cautious to avoid doing permanent damage to your glasses. While anti-reflective lenses are especially beneficial for athletes, drivers, and those who are constantly on their computers, it’s important that these individuals invest in a quality glass cleaner that won’t damage the coating and follow tips to avoid doing damage while cleaning their lenses. 

Here are some effective ways to care for your anti reflective glasses:


Invest in a Quality Lens Cleaner

As mentioned previously, a quality glass cleaner is the best way to clean your anti reflective glasses. Though they all claim to do the same thing, there are glass cleaners out there that can do damage to the coating in your lenses due to their ammonia and alcohol contents. Our glass cleaner here at Z Clear contains none of these harmful chemicals and can even fortify your lenses after repeated use instead of damaging them.

Dry Your Lenses Using a Microfiber Cloth

It’s imperative that you avoid using t-shirts, towels, paper towels and tissue to clean off your lenses after applying glass cleaner. These items can be too coarse for your lenses and will end up scratching them. Instead, add a Z Clear microfiber cloth to your cart while you’re picking up our alcohol and ammonia-free glass cleaner. You’ll get a clear and safe shine, guaranteed.

Anti reflective lenses can be tricky to clean, but it isn’t impossible. At Z Clear, we want to help you get that clear look that you got when you put your glasses on for the first time. 

Check out our glass cleaner and microfiber cloth today and see for yourself how we’re reinventing the traditional lens cleaner.

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