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June 30, 2020

Getting the Most Out of Your Favorite Summer Activities


Glass cleaners are a must-have for the summer. The hot temperatures lead to precipitation, fogging, and dust; the direct UV will also impact your glasses. If you need a sparkling surface, investing in the right cleaner or anti-fog spray, such as Z clear, is your best bet. It is hydrophobic, anti-static, and protects your lenses and glasses from common wear elements. 

Here's why you need Z clear to get the most out of your favorite activities this summer:


1. Scratch Filling

Scratches deter the visual capacity of lenses and take the fun out favorites like hiking and bike riding. They could potentially ruin your summer fun and are among the reasons many consider products like z clear. The paste is a better alternative to sprays, as it fills the scratches and creates a smooth surface, offering better clarity during your favorite summer undertakings. The scratch filling is one of the major benefits of the z clear anti-fog spray.


2. Moisture Repulsion

Hiking and swimming lead to moisture and oil build-up on your lenses. Unfortunately, alcohol and silicone-based cleaners don't offer moisture repulsion and might even increase condensation. Z clear’s formula utilizes a hydrophobic property that protects against fogs by eliminating moisture. This is excellent for reducing accidents resulting from poor clarity. This allows you to get the most out of your summer fun.


3. Long-Lasting Clarity 

For longer-lasting clarity, z clear uses an anti-static feature to repel dust build-up, preventing further scratches. It also boasts an oleophobic property for smoother oil cleaning and is among the recommended high-level anti-fog sprays. It binds to the oil, allowing effective cleaning with just a few gentle wipes. The anti-fog property also eliminates moisture and creates a protective film to preserve clarity even during gun and water balloon battles. 


There are several other reasons you should buy the specially designed surface cleaner today to get rid of scratches, moisture, and dust particles. Make sure you choose between the anti-fog spray or scratch-filling paste with regards to your needs to get the most out of your favorite summer activities.

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