How to Temporarily Deal with Annoying Scrathes

How to Temporarily Deal with Annoying Scratches

Dirt, fog and smears are definitely up there on the most annoying things to deal with when it comes to your glasses, but there’s always something worse; scratches. You’ll get scratches on your lenses if you use tough fibers like regular washcloths, napkins, and certain tissues to clean your glasses, and once they’re there they’re not easy to get rid of without buffing the lenses. Of course, this process would ultimately do major damage to the coating, ruining the prescription.

We here at Z Clear want to avoid doing any irreparable damage to your glasses, which is why we have tailored a glass scratch filler to help you temporarily deal with these annoying scratches.

We’ve designed our Z Clear paste to fill in scratches so that you don’t have to deal with scratches impeding your vision. The glass cleaner brings back that clarity that you can only experience the first time that you take your glasses home from the shop. Pair our glass scratch filler with a Z Clear microfiber cloth and you’ll never have to worry about scratching your lenses with rough fabrics or permanently damaging the coating with alcohol-based lens cleaners.

If you’re looking for a sure way to temporarily fill in those fine scratches on your favorite pair of glasses, look no further than our innovative glass scratch filler at Z Clear. We know that buying a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses isn’t a viable option for everyone, and filling in those scratches can extend the life of your favorite lenses for years to come. Give Z Clear shot today and see how we can bring the shine back to your lenses.

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