Investing in the Best Protection for Your Prescription Glasses

Investing in the Best Protection for Your Prescription Glasses

If you wear prescription lenses, you’ve most likely experienced the frustrations that come with fog, dirt and smears from trying to clean off your glasses. This can get old quick, not to mention the damage that can come from trying to clear off your lenses with rough fabrics. So, what can you do to keep your glasses clean while also protecting them from any smearing, scratching and other damages? Our anti fog-spray for glasses at Z Clear is the all-in-one solution you’re looking for. 

Revolutionary Lenses Cleaner

Our anti-fog spray for glasses are free from alcohol, ammonia, abrasives, and silicones to create a safe-to-use formula for all lens types. Our spray combined with the Z Clear microfiber cloth helps prevent scratching on your lenses, and the solution typically lasts anywhere from two to three days. By regularly using our anti fog spray for glasses, you’ll help your lenses become stronger and last longer. The condensed formula makes it stronger compared to other sprays and can even fill in minor scratches if you have any so that you can get a clearer view. Note: this formula won’t get rid of scratches, but will fill them in better than any other solution on the market. We think of our anti fog spray for glasses an investment because you’ve already spent so much money on your prescription glasses, so why not invest in something that can help you preserve them for years to come? If you’re ready to take the initiative in investing in the best protection for your prescription glasses, check out our anti fog spray for glasses here at Z Clear. Our solution can be used on all your prescriptions, sunglasses and safety glasses for a clearer and more fortified lenses.

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