Keeping Your Screens Looking Spotless

Keeping Your Screens Looking Spotless

It’s not only important to keep your prescription glasses and sunglasses clean. Your phone, tablet, and computer screens are daily use devices that need love too. Our revolutionary glass cleaner is the best way to clean your prescription lenses. But, with that said, your devices can greatly benefit from Z Clearspremium solution as well. Not only will you get a clearer look at your spreadsheets, texts, and videos, but you’ll also keep your screen clear of any bacteria.

It’s important to use our glass cleaner to clean your phone because they can carry 18 times the bacteria of a public restroom handle, not to mention oils that get caked on. 

After using our glass cleaner to clear off your phone, tablet or computer screen, not only will you see the clarity that you only see when you first take your device home from the store, but you’ll also notice that our glass cleaner repels moisture and oil, helping your screens stay clean even longer. Though they won’t stay clean as long as your lenses will because phones are things that are constantly being touched, you’ll still never experience a clearer screen with any other product. 

We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re looking to change the way that people look at lens cleaners. Our mission is so much more than just selling you our glass cleaner; we want to help you get the most out of your favorite activities through a clean and clear lens. We believe that we have the most versatile glass cleaner on the market, with unmatched quality exclusive to Z Clear. If you’re looking for an effective solution to dirty screens, whether that be on a tablet, computer, camera, TV or phone, check out our glass cleaner today.

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