Caring for Tricky Anti-Fog Glasses

Caring for Tricky Anti-Fog Glasses

If you wear glasses, you must have noticed that your lenses mist up when you enter a warmer room after coming from a cooler area. That's because the difference in temperature causes moisture to condense on the lenses. Unless you wear anti-fog glasses or polycarbonate lenses, then this is an issue you'll have to deal with.

Those who wear glasses complain about having foggy lenses, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic because of face masks. Health workers and skiers experience that more frequently. That happens because the warm, moist air you exhale is forced up to your glasses where the moisture condenses.

 Anti-fogging Cleaning Solutions 

One of the most straightforward tips you can use to prevent fogging of your lenses is by cleaning the lenses before wearing them or putting on a mask. Remember not to wipe them; simply shake off the excess water and let them air-dry. You can find an anti-fogging cleaning product with anti-fogging properties to maintain your lenses' clarity.

When using the product, it coats the lenses in a thin, transparent surfactant layer that causes an even spread of the water molecule by reducing surface tension on the glasses. Beware of alcohol - or silicone - based anti-fogging solution. These typically damage your lenses or leave a greasy surface that may be challenging to clean. 


Use Anti-Fog Spray

The use of anti-fog sprays is widespread among professional athletes such as swimmers. As with anti-fogging cleaners, sprays also prevent moisture from sticking on the lenses and can come in handy for persons who are stuck with wearing glasses and face masks but can barely find time to clean their lenses. Nonetheless, it would be best if you were cautious of the  glasses at the expense of your vision. 

Another anti-fogging hack is to prevent breath trapped in your face mask from reaching the glasses. You can do that by using folded tissue between your mouth and the mask. The tissue will absorb the moisture and warm air, preventing cloudy vision. Ensure that the top of the face mask is tight while the bottom is a bit looser to direct warm moisture away from the glasses.

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