Z Clear: Supporting Our Medical Workers

Z Clear: Supporting Our Medical Workers

To say that our doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners are essential workers is a massive understatement. These professionals sacrifice countless hours and their own health to ensure that our general public is getting the necessary care that they require.

They have very little time to take breaks, and something as simple as cleaning your glasses is something that they have to go without doing as a result of the high-pressure and time-draining procedures they have to perform and oversee. But, it can be difficult for those in the medical field who wear glasses to focus if their vision is impaired for any reason, not to mention dangerous.

This is where our anti fog spray for glasses plays its most crucial role. We designed our anti fog spray for glasses with all activities in mind but knowing that it’s also helping our doctors and nurses be able to help our community without having to worry about cleaning their glasses every few minutes is something that we’re particularly proud of.

“As an ER nurse, I need clean glasses and Z Clear paste allows me to work a 12 hour shift without cleaning my glasses” -Tracy

While the medical field never sleeps, now is a particularly tough time for these medical professionals who are working grueling overtime hours amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s important that they get all the support they need from us, the people, as they work tirelessly to keep us safe and healthy. Our high-quality, long-lasting anti fog spray was designed to make a difference in how people see the traditional lens cleaner to begin with. Now that it’s not only changing the lives of those who use it but those who are being treated by the people who use it, we couldn’t be happier.

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