Why You Should Use Z Clear as a Motorcyclist

Why You Should Use Z Clear as a Motorcyclist

Lens cleaners are quite versatile and come in handy in many scenarios. They have many uses ranging from moisture elimination to oil removal, but the results will be as pleasant as the quality of lens cleaner applied. 

The Z Clear lens cleaners are some of the most popular and reputable anti-fog spray products among motorists, welders, and construction workers. The product is specially formulated and is excellent on lenses and glasses, meaning even motorcyclists take advantage of its benefits. 

Here is a brief look at several reasons why you should use Z Clear as a motorcyclist:


1. It Extends Cleanliness

Boasting anti-static properties, this reliable cleaner will ensure your helmet or motorcycle lamps repel dust particles. Regular application not only ensures a spotless screen but will also preserve the cleanliness for extended periods. However, different materials vary, with most going 2 - 3 days without needing another clean while others, on the other hand, go for less. So, it is essential to know the behavior of different materials before applying the cleaner.

2. Repels And Eliminates Moisture

We recommend this highly accorded lens cleaner for clearing moisture, which can lead to on-screen fogging, impairing vision. Fortunately, the Z Clear anti-fog spray benefits will protect you from the adverse effects of moisture build-up, especially if you are riding at high speeds. Thanks to the hydrophobic formula within the product, fog isn't only eliminated but repelled for a while. You can always bring the cleaner during those fog-generating rides.

3. Has Oleophobic Properties

Oil can be a challenge to get off the surface of your helmet or motorcycle headlamp. Using even the cleanest of towels will only worsen the situation by further spreading and smearing the residues. Alcohol or silicone - based spray provides an alternative solution but will leave your surface more damaged than initially. Using Z Cleaner anti-fog spray is the surest way to clear off such substances to create a clearer vision.

There are several other grounds for using Z Clear for your lens and glass cleaning. If you are motorcyclist facing a similar challenge, you can buy the Z Clear lens cleaner, which works for a lens, glass, and even plastic cleaning.

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