Z Clear: Your Best Bet for Anti-Reflective Glasses

Z Clear: Your Best Bet for Anti-Reflective Glasses

Anti-reflective coating is designed to improve vision, reduce eye strain and eliminate virtually any reflections. However, as you’ve probably already experienced, anti-reflective lenses can be a major pain to deal with when it comes to keeping them clean and clear of any fog. So, how do you deal with caring for those tricky AR lenses? You’ll find that tons of products on the market will claim to prevent fog on AR lenses, only to come up short. Our anti fog liquid here at Z Clear is your best bet to temporarily deal with annoying fog, and here’s why.

Most anti fog liquid won’t permanently deal with fog, that’s simply not possible. Additionally, the wrong solutions may contain harsh chemicals that will damage your anti-reflective coating overtime, and once it’s damaged it cannot be repaired. However, the right solution can contain it more effectively than other methods.

These types of lenses will always get dirtier quicker since they trap moisture, and you’re going to want to have a quality product on-hand to deal with the maintenance that comes with them. Luckily, our anti fog liquid is designed to keep your AR lenses cleaner and clearer for longer while also repelling moisture quicker. Z Clear contains no alcohol, ammonia or abrasives; our formula is designed with all lenses and coating in mind.

Another exciting discovery is that repeated use of our anti fog liquid on your AR lenses can also improve the effectiveness in reducing the effects of condensation in the long run; you won’t find better results on the market. Check out our anti fog liquid today and see why Z Clear is your best bet when it comes to caring for AR lenses

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