Why Choose Z Clear?


Cleaner For Longer

This is not just another cleaner you forget the name of that inevitably gets lost in the upside-down. We know the struggles of keeping your glasses clean and we know the difference true clarity on a fully clean pair of glasses makes. The problem is once we do clean them, we’re taking them off and on all the time, we’re going through our daily lives, and it doesn’t take very long for them to just get dirty again. And unless you use an alcohol cleaner which is terrible for the health of your lenses, when we do clean them, a lot of times that oil just smears around and is hard to get off, almost like it’s taunting you. Z Clear's safe hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static properties make it the champion in lens cleaners. It binds the oils for an easy streak-free clean and then provides a protective shield resistant to moisture, oil, and dust keeping your lens cleaner for longer. 



Z Clear is a powerful hydrophobic solution designed to repel moisture and prevent fogging and condensation. Let’s be honest, we’re not the only anti-fog solution out there. Don't be bamboozled by other defoggers. Most of them are either alcohol or silicone-based resulting in either damage to your lenses and plastics or an oil streaked surface that's hard to remove. What sets Z Clear apart is that our formula will resist moisture safely with exquisite clarity while also lasting longer than any of its competitors. There is no alcohol or ammonia so you don’t have to worry about damaging your coatings. There’s also no silicone or oil, which while safe for your lenses, does like to leave a nice residue on your lens that either tends to build up over time or, if you’re able to get it all off, doesn’t work as it should. To us, that’s counterproductive and neither really last long enough. We also won’t lie to you and tell you this works 100% of the time. Not every lens is created equal. For some, this will work immediately and last over a week. Others might still fog a little, but still kick it off faster when you first start using it, we’re looking at youanti-reflectives. Most, are somewhere in between. 90% of surfaces will remain fog-free for an average of 2-3 days. What we’ve done is create the strongest Anti-fog on the market while still keeping it safe for your lenses so you can enjoy life and your hobbies without worry.

*If you do find you’re still fogging at all, first make sure you follow all the instructions when applying it. It’s not just a cleaner but a protective coating you’re applying so there are a few steps you want to make sure you cover. Second, keep applying. The more you use it on a lens the stronger the protection becomes and the longer it lasts! Check outhere to find some tips, tricks, and advice on specific surfaces to get the most out of Z Clear.

Scratch-Filler -

Sounds pretty cool right? If you wear glasses or goggles chances are you have some scratches on them. What we don’t realize is the effect even the smallest ones have on the clarity of our vision. This is where our paste comes in to play. While our spray, great for larger surfaces and quick cleanings unfortunately, won’t be able to fill in any scratches because it is a liquid. Our paste, on the other hand, is designed to do two very unique things. First, it's more condensed than a spray or a wipe so it's a bit stronger and doesn’t break down as fast. Second, the game-changer, it's designed to fill in small scratches on your lenses. What’s neat is the way it does it. It does it without removing the scratch so we’re not scraping off any coatings or buffing it out ruining a prescription. So no, it won’t magically repair those scratches on your cell phone or windshield. The scratches are still there physically. It 'fills' in the scratch so when you put your lenses on and look through them...boom. Houdini in a bottle. It’s safe, they're less visible to the eye and you bring back the clarity that made you love your lenses in the first place. It’s an optical trick, kind of like the old ‘toothpaste on the CD’ trick back in the day. And if you don’t know what that is we’re either too old or too young. Using it continuously will fill in deeper scratches more and more. Large scratches, scuffs, cracks, and other larger damages we won’t be able to save all the way but Z Clear should still help somewhat with the clarity by filling in what it can. We’ve never seen anything clean lenses like this. Give it a shot you won’t be disappointed!



At first, anti-static doesn’t seem as cool as it’s brothers and sisters anti-fog and scratch-filler but he’s the quiet one with more than meets the eye. So the obvious benefit right away of an anti-static is to help keep your surface clean longer. Z Clear is formulated to resist dust and ionic particles by neutralizing static build-up. This is nice for everyday sunglasses and prescriptions, but especially nice for anyone working hard in a hands-on environment. Z Clear is great for safety glasses, visors, and masks. So whether you’re a construction worker, welder, farmer or anyone else that deals with dust particles on a regular basis Z Clear is here to help. The secondary benefit we came to realize is it helps with the lifespan of your glasses. Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it, you don’t have your lens cleaner or cleaning cloth around and your glasses look like they were dipped in a McDonald’s fryer and then coated with sawdust. We do what we must, we grab the corner of that shirt or sweater and start rubbing away. Heck, even with the softest, cleanest, nicest towel in the universe, if you start rubbing your lens and you have dust or dirt on them they’re going to scratch your lens. We don’t always have the chance to rinse these off before cleaning them. So Z Clear’s anti-static properties help keep that dust from sticking as much as possible, reducing the amount of fine scratches we rub into our lenses. Use Z Clear and save yourself from having to buy new lenses and goggles more often.

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