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Z Clear News

Are you looking forthe best anti-fog spray and lens cleaner? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Z Clear lens cleaning solution is revolutionary and achieves more than traditional cleaners. You can use it to clean glass surfaces, clear different types of fog, or temporarily fill in fine scratches ultimately providing the clarity you need.
When your lens is all scratched, visibility may be an issue, especially for hunters who rely on clear vision. Lack of clear vision is the last thing you need when out in the woods. Thankfully Z Clear glass scratch filler fills minor scratches on a lens to guarantee clear vision.
Did you know your phone carries 18x more bacteria than that of a public bathroom door handle? If you do not clean your phone, or don't know how, Z Clear can help!
If you like watching a lot of tv, play video games or work on a computer, save your eyeballs with these five steps. You will be happy you did.
Whether you are an expert skier or are looking to ski for the first time, learning how to care for your goggles is essential. Like typical glasses, ski goggles are likely to get dirty after use. The best way of keeping them clean is to do regular cleanup and maintenance.
We've all been there, we take off our glasses or sunglasses and happen to glance at the lenses and wonder how in the world they became so dirty. Where did those fingerprints come from and how can we even see out of these filthy lenses?!