Clean Your Welding Helmet with Z Clear

As a welder, one of your must-have accessories is your helmet. Working while the helmet is on can at times obscure your vision, however, especially if sediments are splattering off your materials and onto the helmet itself.

That's where Z Clear comes into play; it does a great job of making sure you see as you get on with your work. Even after a long day of welding that can leave your helmet foggy and slightly blinding, this cleaner helps restore the visibility you need to work with precision.

Included Scratch Filler

One of the crucial things to look out for with your welding helmet is scratch-causing fragments flying into it, reducing your optical clarity. Small scratches can liter your welding helmet and make visibility a struggle.

Z Clear Paste is a scratch filler that ensures that scratched lenses are not a worry for you. Z Clear fills in small scratches, causing your visibility to return and your welding mask's longevity to increase.

Anti-fog and Anti-static capabilities

Cloudy residue slowly forming on your helmet lens is another of the issues you may have to deal with on any given working day. When it happens, you may have to periodically take off the helmet, wipe it clean, and then put it on again before you can continue with your work.

The anti-fog ability of Z Clear products helps get rid of this issue, ensuring that the lens of your helmet stays clear, making it possible for you to work without needing to take unintentional breaks.

That's true of the anti-static abilities too, which ensure that you don't have solid fragments from materials you're welding getting attracted to your lens, make it possible to work uninterrupted. Anti-static abilities are all the more crucial when working on projects that take time.

Much of your work as a welder includes making the correct adjustments and having the ability to maintain precision. With Z Clears lens cleaning solutions, you make both of those factors possible by keeping a clear lens that keeps everything visible.

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