Premium Lens Cleaner: Z-Clear

We've all been there, we take off our glasses or sunglasses and happen to glance at the lenses and wonder how in the world they became sodirty. Where did those fingerprints come from and how can we even see out of these filthy lenses?! Or, we walk either inside or outside through a significant temperature change and our glasses or sunglasses immediately fog up and we can't see a thing. That's where Z Clear comes in.

What Is Z Clear

Z Clear is a premium lens cleaner that's powerful yet safe to use. You can use Z Clear on electronics, motorcycle helmets' windshields, sunglasses, and eyeglasses and enjoy streak-free results. Z Clear does not contain Alcohol, ammonia, or silicone. It is the best anti-fog spray.

Benefits of Z Clear

There are so many benefits to Z Clear, that it's hard to know where to start. Among all the other benefits it provides, people have noticed that a little goes a long way. Some other benefits include:

Anti-Static properties

Most people associate static with accidentally zapping themselves on something metal in the winter months, rubbing their feet on the carpet to build up a charge and zap someone else. When static builds on lenses, it attracts dirt and dust.

Anti-Fog Properties

The anti-fog properties mean that you can go from an air-conditioned room to outside, or from outside to a heated building, and not have to wait for your lenses to clear.


An oleophobic lens cleaner renders the surface cleaned impervious to oils, dust, and other particulates longer than other cleaners.

If you're tired of your old lens cleaner leaving smudges and not clearing your lenses properly, or leaving minor scratches, then its past time to switch to Z Clear. Not only does Z Clear prevent condensation and moisture, but the paste version fills in small scratches. Isn't it time you switched toZ Clear, the best anti-fog spray today?

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February 15, 2021

I have Z clear lens cleaner and anti fog / ani-static – scratch filler paste I do not seem to be able to apply this without leaving smears on my glasses what am I doing wrong could you please give me directions thank you in advance ?

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