Spray Lens Cleaner: How it works

If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you probably understand how difficult cleaning the lenses can be. You need to find a fine balance between being effective and being gentle. This is because lenses are quite delicate, and using the wrong cleaning agents and technique can easily damage them. Besides, using ordinary cleaning methods can create electrostatic charges, and consequently, encourage dust and ionized particles to land on the surface of your eyeglass lenses. Besides, ordinary cleaning solutions may not help with the issue of fogging. The good news is that with advanced lens cleaning solution, such asZ Clear spray, these issues can be solved. But how exactly does the spray work?

How to Use Z Clear Spray Lens Cleaner

You just need to spray a small amount of Z Clear Spritz on the dry surface of the lenses and wipe it gently using a piece of microfiber cloth. The spray works as a cleaner and an anti-fog solution. Z Clear spray is effective as an anti-fog due to its hydrophobic properties. This means that the solution, if applied correctly, will prevent the build-up of moisture on your lenses. Z Clear spray is also known for its antistatic properties, meaning it will prevent dust and charged particles from landing on the surface of your lenses. Therefore, in addition to preventing fogging, cleaning your lenses with Z Clear spray will go a long way in keeping your eyeglasses clean for a relatively longer duration.

Overall, it is apparent that proper application of Z Clear lens cleaner can help with preventing fogging and keeping your lenses clean. Although there are other lens cleaning solutions,Z Clear spray stands out due to its antistatic and anti-fog properties. Besides, the solution does not contain alcohol, silicone, or ammonia, and therefore, it won't damage your lenses. Visit Z Clear website today for more information about Z Clear Spritz

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