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September 03, 2020

Anyone who has worn glasses long enough understands that scratched lenses are the worst. Unfortunately, they are quite common and they can come as soon as you purchase a new set of glasses.

Luckily there is a solution that has been proven to be effective in solving this issue, albeit temporarily.

By applying Z Clear paste, you can temporarily fill the scratches on your lenses. However, it is wise for you to remember that for the paste to serve its purpose without causing other adverse effects, it has to be applied properly. So how exactly should you apply this glass scratch filler?

How to Apply Z Clear Paste Correctly

You should start by applying a small amount of Z Clear paste on your finger. When doing so, remember that less is more. If you notice the color blue on the tip of your finger, you should know that you are using more than enough. You should then apply a thin layer of the paste on the surface of the lenses and let them dry.

Once the lenses are dry, you should then wipe them gently with a piece of microfiber cloth to get rid of the residue until the lenses are clear. However, you should not over-wipe since you might end up removing the protection that the paste gives your lens against fogging and oil.

Z Clear Seals Cracks and Prevents Foggy Lenses

In a nutshell, it is apparent that Z Clear paste is quite effective when it comes to sealing cracks on the surface of your lenses. In addition to being good at sealing cracks, the paste also helps with preventing fogging.

This cleaning agent is not based on harsh chemicals such as ammonia and alcohol, and therefore, it will not damage your lenses. Therefore, if you are bothered by cracks on your lenses, Z Clear paste is the best solution in the market when considering a quality glass scratch filler.

Visit the Z Clear website today for more information about the product.

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