Why Anti-Fog Spray is Important in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes in society. For instance, public health authorities have advised people to practice social distance, wash their hands regularly, and disinfect their homes and offices against the novel coronavirus.

Members of the public have also been advised to wear masks when going out in public or when taking care of the sick. All these measures are meant to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus and consequently reduce pressure on healthcare providers.

But for people who wear glasses, wearing masks aggravates the issue of fogging.

How Fog Impedes Your Vision When Wearing a Mask

When you wear glasses with a mask, the mask tends to obstruct the circulation of air between the upper and low part of your glasses, which has the effect of encouraging fog to form on your lenses. This, unfortunately, hinders your visibility.

While fogging may be a mere inconvenience in some cases, it can also put you in danger, especially when you are driving or operating heavy machinery. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. You just need to clean withZ Clear anti-fog spray for goggles and glasses.

Why You Should Use Anti-Fog Spray

In addition to keeping your glasses clean for longer, Z Clear anti-fog spray is highly hydrophobic, meaning that it will discourage any form of moisture from building on your glasses.

This will also eliminate the need for you to remove and wipe your glasses during the day. By so doing, you will not need to touch your face frequently, meaning that you will significantly reduce the chances of contracting COVID-19.

See Clearly During the Pandemic 

Overall, it is apparent that if you wear glasses with your mask, you could be at risk of suffering poor visibility due to fogging. However, by cleaning with an anti-fog spray for goggles and glasses, such as Z Clear Spritz, this is an issue that you can avoid. Therefore, the importance of having reliable anti-fog spray during this pandemic cannot be overemphasized.

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