Lens Cleaner You Can Use on Any Eyewear

Many people believe that they need to buy a different bottle of lens cleaner for each pair of eyewear they own. From eyeglasses, to sunglasses, to skiing goggles, and many others, each benefits from the protection and vision enhancement of regular cleaning with a quality lens cleaner like Z Clear Premium Lens Cleaner Paste.

Safe to Use on All Types of Lenses

Use Z Clear Paste on glass, plastic, lexan, and polycarbonate lenses, including prescription and sunglasses, transitions, and those with anti-reflective coatings, with confidence.

With each application, Z Clear Paste fills both shallow and deep scratches, and prevents them from becoming worse, providing a sharper, clearer field of vision.

With its oleophobic properties, Z Clear Paste keeps all types of lenses fog free. It also repels oil, dust, and moisture. From skiers to all those who must wear face masks with eyeglasses, such as those in the healthcare industry, Z Clear Paste can be trusted to keep all types of eyewear reliably fog, dust, and moisture free.

Clear Vision Saves Lives

Many people depend upon their eyewear to keep themselves and others safe. All eyeglass wearers are familiar with trying to see through glasses streaked with water or clouded with fog.

It doesn't take much of an imagination to conjure the type of horror scenarios that can result when the vision of someone with the responsibility of safely operating a motor vehicle or train is impaired. Clear, unimpeded vision saves lives.

Regular cleaning of all types of lenses with Z Clear glass cleaner, such as the Z Clear Paste, keeps them reliably fog-and water-resistant and minimizes the distorting effects of scratching. Further, anti-static properties imparted to glasses and goggles by Z Clear Paste can be trusted to maintain dust-and particle-free vision.

For those whose life, and the lives of the others, depend upon clear vision, and those who just like to see clearly, Z Clear Paste is a glass cleaner that offers a quality, affordable, all-in-one lens cleaning solution.

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