We All Scratch Our Lenses, But Here’s a Temporary Fix!

Scratches are inevitable if you use lenses, helmets, goggles and other glass surfaces, such as a phone and TV screens. Daily wear from dust, dirt, repeated cleaning, and falls cause the most scratches.

Unfortunately, scratches can take the fun out of your summer outdoor activities, or even risk your life if you use glass surfaces in welding and construction work. Z Clear anti-scratch paste is a quality glass scratch filler, and uses fine particles to fill up the scratch lines and bond with the existing lens.

Risk of Scratches

Mostly, there are three main reasons why you shouldn't use a lens with scratches; safety, aesthetics, and cost.

Firstly, too many scratches can obstruct your view resulting in errors and injuries, especially if you work in factories and welding industries. Motorists also face the same risk.

Secondly, scratches are off-putting and look bad on your summer or cosmetic sunglasses and goggles.

Last but not least, scratches result in premature wear and require thorough cleaning, damaging your lenses.

So what's the fix?

Anti-Scratch Spray and Paste

Fine scratches don't warrant lens replacement, especially if you have expensive prescription lenses. You can use anti-scratch pastes, such as Z clear, to provide a temporary fix for the small scratches your lenses suffer during use. After using the paste, it is advisable to clean the lenses with Z Clear anti-fog spray for a clear, clean, and scratch-less view.

Anti-scratch pastes don't promise to seal big cracks and chips. However, it can work magic for the minor scratches that eventually become milky on your lens's surface.

The paste temporarily fills in scratches, making them less noticeable and more comfortable for you to see. You should clean the lens before applying the paste and can once more after.

Buy Z Clear glass scratch filler and cleaner today or contact our customer support team to find out more.

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