Z Clear Gives Back! #BottleForBottle

Stephanie is a speech pathologist and teacher at an elementary school in Utah County. Just like every other faculty member, her top priority is student health and safety. Stephanie has committed to wearing a face shield, mask, and other pieces of PPE equipment. But this can also create complications when working with students during speech therapy sessions. Stephanie will have to get very close to students to examine vocal cords and other parts of the throat while the students are speaking. This will inevitably cause condensation on Stephanie’s face shield and make it difficult for her to see what’s going on in the throat while the students are speaking.

Why We're Giving Back

Many students and teachers this year will be facing the same exact challenges as Stephanie. Everyone who wears glasses knows that masks and glasses for long periods of time don’t mix well. School this year is going to be hard enough-teachers and students don’t need the added stress of not being able to see. That’s why we at Z Clear decided to launch our Bottle for Bottle promotion. We want to help school faculty members and students across the nation by giving a bottle of our anti-fog spray for every bottle sold online. Our goal is to donate $50,000 worth of product to school faculty members and students. 

Why the Z Clear Spritz

If you know Z Clear, you know how the Z Clear Spritz works. But in case you’re new, we’ll break it down for you. The Z Clear Spritz is a cleanser that repels fog, dust, and oil from lenses. The anti-fog solution prevents fog from sticking to glasses and other clear surfaces. The Z Clear Spritz’s anti-fog solution can help Stephanie see clearer for longer during her speech therapy sessions. 

We need you!

Join us in giving back to those on the front lines of this pandemic! All you have to do to participate is purchase a bottle of the Z Clear Spritz and we’ll give one away to students and teachers like Stephanie. The promotion will run from Aug. 24 till Sept. 30, 2020. 

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