Tackling Visibility Issues on the Road with Z Clear

Tackling Visibility Issues on the Road with Z Clear

Fog is not only a minor annoyance while you’re at home reading your favorite book, but to many can cause major visibility issues while driving. Those who wear glasses know all too well the pain that comes with having to clean your glasses constantly due to fog and dust, but this isn’t as easy to do while you’re on the road. Attempting to clear the fog off your glasses while driving can be extremely dangerous, which is why a trustworthy anti fog spray should be a priority investment if this is something that you struggle with.

Whether you’re driving a newer car with top-of-the-line safety features or a motorcycle, you ultimately need to be able to see clearly ahead of you; no amount of safety features should allow you to become complacent with bad visibility. Our anti fog spray can be used on both motorcycle helmet visors and eyeglasses to repel moisture and condensation, clearing your glasses of that pesky and dangerous fog. Aside from this, our solution also keeps dirt and debris off your lenses through the anti-static properties in our formula. We have purposely targeted the most common issues that occur with the use of any type of lens to make sure that you can safely tackle the task at hand, whether it’s driving to work, skiing, swimming or simply reading the morning paper; no issue is too small for us. 

With car accidents being a major issue in the United States, we’re dedicated to reducing the number of accidents caused by fog and limited visibility through our revolutionary anti fog spray.If you’re looking to stay safe while on the road and avoid the dangers of limited visibility, checkout our anti fog spray here at Z Clear.

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